The article “Circumcision benefits outweigh risks, CDC says” (SF Chronicle, 12/3/2014) sends out a very dangerous message that unprotected sex is safer for those who have been circumcised! My goodness, what an irresponsible message!
First, the studies the CDC cites for its “prevention” conclusions were conducted among adult men in Africa where HIV rates are high. There is no evidence from the developed world that circumcision is associated in any way with reduced rates of HIV or other STIs.
Furthermore, the CDC presents NO evidence for its claim that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks and harm—because THERE IS NO SUCH EVIDENCE! Instead, every year baby boys die, are mutilated or infected by botched circumcisions. Maybe that’s why no medical organization in the world recommends circumcision. Maybe that’s why doctors and ethicists from Scandinavia and other European countries have attacked the “science” behind the promotion of circumcision and accused the American medical establishment of having a cultural bias against the intact penis.
And, for the religiously inclined: Why not heed Jesus’ words when allegedly he answered his disciples, that if circumcision were good, boys would be born that way (The Gospel of Thomas, #53). Rather logical!
A bit disturbing, though, since that saying chops the legs off the Abrahamic oath, the foundation for the three so-called great religions! Perhaps that’s the reason why the Gospel of Thomas wasn’t found suitable to be included in the Bible?