A Republican idol

Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin was hailed by Fox News pundits and several more or less prominent Republicans like former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, as a true leader, one who doesn’t hesitate, one who dares to make a decision and who executes without hesitation — in stark contrast to President Obama, who was criticized as someone who has to think about everything before he acts, weigh consequences, talk to others and evaluate options.
Putin has now demonstrated that he is a leader of Republican ilk — more like George W. Bush.
When pushed further to the right, it doesn’t take much for politics to complete the circle and meet Communism on the other side. The two have much in common, including fooling the masses to believe that it is all in their own best interest and that they all have an ownership stake, while only the top few really benefit, and usually at the expense of the lower echelons.