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Jorg Aadahl

I  am on the “senior” side of most people, and as you can tell from this blog, very opinionated on a variety of issues close to my heart. I hold graduate degrees in both business management and engineering, and have spent most of my time developing computer systems and running my own corporation associated with hazardous chemical management. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and a way to connect to the rest of humanity. I have never been shy about venting my opinion, which is comforting to some, and disturbing to others. Hopefully, some of my writing will inspire you and perhaps have an impact on your opinions! Opinions are there to be expressed, and if yours can inspire others to become more positive and influencial members of society, you’ve done good!

As you may quickly discover, I’m big on happiness, equality and human rights, and very down on wars, poverty, human-created problems, and destructive religious practices. Oh, – and selfish, dishonest politicians available for a price. Full of themselves, and in it for the same.

My attitudes and opinions reflect my upbringing in a Scandinavian country, Norway, where community spirit and social issues reign. For a society to work well, we have to look out for each other and help where needed.  In a modern, well organized society, the sick, the elderly and the young and vulnerable should be cared for. Health care for all and free education are givens and considered social necessities. That’s the direction in which a progressive society should develop, – a community with equal rights and same protection for all, not only the priviledged few.

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