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Why isn’t common sense more common? (George Carlin) 

The main objective of this blog is to promote and embrace common sense, and to hang out and ridicule anything that doesn’t make sense, or that defies logic. Feel free to add your comments, whether you agree, or not.

Take a trip through the pages displayed on the menu line to get a flavor for the kinds of opinions expressed here. Each piece has been written in an effort to enlighten, educate, correct misunderstandings, and in general spread common sense. Many of the pieces have been published in various newspapers, many have not. You are encouraged to spread it all within your own sphere of influence, either copied “as-is”, or modified, embellished upon or improved any way you see fit. For a much wider range of opinion pieces, please go to my e-book “Dear Editor“, – which includes reader comments from one extreme to the other, – as well as hot travel suggestions.

The end objective is to make common sense more common, accepted and respected. We would all be better off as a result. Your contribution is encouraged and appreciated!

I have also included a page of Common sense-links, refer to outside sources of potential interest for some, – and possibly great annoyance, or worse, for others that need to be more open to progressive thoughts and ideas, – and more receptive to common sense!

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 Thank you!

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