Another Talking Bush

It was inevitable that sooner or later, someone outside Jeb Bush’ own faithful flock would read his 1995 book about shaming “irresponsible” unwed
mothers, and instead hanging him out in shame.
With all too typical Republican lack of compassion, quick on condemnation, and drunk on moral superiority, Republican presidential hopeless Jeb Bush apparently didn’t bother to wonder what may have made a mother “single”. Some are single because the father of their child was killed in one of the wars started by his brother or father, while others may be incarcerated, some due to Republican obsession with possession and other minor “moral” deviation.
Some got pregnant due to rape, incest, or fooled by a religious charlatan, while some may have been forced or talked into cover up to protect some prominent politician or clergy. Some girls got pregnant due to lack of sex education and birth control, other Republican favorites. Some unfortunate, gullible girls or women fell for smooth-talking jerks who disappeared as soon as the pleasurable part was over.
And, finally, some may even for various reasons choose to stay unwed, while a male partner is very much a part of the picture, although not per accepted conservative standards. Oh, almost forgot: immaculate conception, – another conservative favorite. Shame on that poor girl, too?
No, the shame is rather on YOU, Jeb!