Asocial gun culture

Get caught DUI, and you’re in deep trouble, with fine, temporary loss of driver’s license and increased insurance rate. Doesn’t matter if your driving was perfect, or even better than most totally sober drivers. Nor does it matter if your driving affected no one.

Get caught with some dope, and you’re in deep trouble. You may be fined and incarcerated and marked for life. Doesn’t matter if you affected no one and your behavior was exemplary.

Threaten mass murder, behave like a crazy gun slinger, amass an arsenal of assault weapons and ammunition enough to start your very own war, and everything is OK. After all, you haven’t killed anyone. Yet. Even if you do, like running out to provoke someone, then “stand your ground” on someone else’s turf, you can even kill and get away with murder, like in the Zimmerman/Trayvon case.

I have trouble understanding why guns are OK, even in the hands of certified lunatics and self-declared would-be assassins, while some dope and an extra drink are no-nos, even for people who are no threat to anyone and who have done no damage. But threatening to kill someone with a gun, even threaten to take down government, – no problem, – until you follow through! Then you could get in trouble, – but not necessarily so!