All the disturbing similarities that have been found when comparing Melania Trump’s convention speech with Michelle Obama’s eight years ago, suggest a serious case of audacious plagiarism.
No wonder Republicans are upset! How could the Obama administration have the audacity to simply steal speech wording from the Trump administration, – as much as 8 years in advance?! On top of that, Melania pretty much wrote her speech herself, with as little help as possible, while Michelle most certainly used a teleprompter, – just pretending
she was talking from her heart.
What else may they have gotten away with, if this scandal hadn’t surfaced? Looking back at the 8 years of Obama reign, – it looks like they may have stolen a number of ideas from Trump, like having already made the country greater and safer, improved the economy, created jobs and reduced unemployment, – not to mention reduced the deficit and deported more illegals than any previous administration! Some nerve!