Befriending Cuba, – a slippery slope?

Predictably and understandably, Right Wing talking heads and super-patriotic Republicans are extremely upset about President Obama’s plan to open the doors to Cuba, citing inevitable loss of freedom, and kissing up to socialism.
It was actually President Nixon who foolishly sent us on this slippery slope of picking away at our freedom by opening the doors to China. Then President Reagan couldn’t help himself, but worked with Soviet leaders to open those doors, further jeopardizing our freedom. And now President Obama, – shouldn’t he rather undo the damage done by his Republican predecessors, like he usually does? If he continues this trend, we’ll run smack out of closed doors, and before we know it, we may have befriended the whole world, – the ultimate end to our freedom, as our great nation has known it!
Isn’t it about time we get our precious freedom back by closing more doors to foreign nations, rather than opening the few remaining? With greater freedom for the Cubans, there is less freedom left for us, in this zero-sum fight for a finite amount of freedom.
Finally, imagine what it means for the future of the Republican party! After all, in order to survive, the Growing Old Party needs a steady supply of enemies, real and imaginary, foreign and domestic.