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  • Jorg Aadahl 5:43 am on August 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Trumpy white wash 

    Various Trump apologists keep trying to explain away his death threat on Hillary Clinton. One particularly irate LTE-writer “saw” Trump’s speech and “he was clearly referring to the organization’s political power and funding – not anything even remotely connected to violence”.
    My goodness, how much of a Trump apologist do you have to be to misunderstand these words, right out of his mouth, startling listeners of all political persuasions: “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment,” Trump said to the crowd of supporters gathered in the Trask Coliseum at North Carolina University in Wilmington.
    “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.”
    “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know.”
    Adding: “But that would be a horrible day”.
    Besides blatantly lying about Hillary’s plan for the 2nd Amendment, the last sentence should remove any doubt about what Trump really meant! He certainly didn’t mean it would be a “horrible day” if his opponent were prevented from picking SCOTUS judges because she didn’t win! Even Trump seemed to admit it would be a “horrible day” if another politician were gunned down, – or, did he just add that to sound more reasonable?!

    Every Southerner, black and white, knows exactly what Trump was suggesting when he said the “Second Amendment people” know what to do if Clinton is elected.
    Trump’s methods line up with the historic pattern of white hate groups who wait for politicians to use code words to call them to arms. Secret and not-so-secret political societies have been aroused by the success of multi-ethnic fusion coalitions across the South. Right there in North Carolina, political and corporate elites have spent enormous sums of money to suppress the votes of a fusion coalition mobilized by the “Forward Together Moral Monday Movement.” Just recently, a federal court overturned North Carolina’s voter-suppression law. Trump knows that just made it harder for him to win this swing state. I am not surprised that he would sink low enough to tap the repressed hatred of angry white voters. But I am surprised that someone feels so obligated to defend a sinking Trump, that he tries to misinterpret what he actually said, with entirely illogical linguistic acrobatics.

  • Jorg Aadahl 1:32 pm on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Ban assault weapons! 

    Why on flat Earth could someone with the background of the Orlando mass murderer be cleared for purchase of, not only assault weapons, but any weapon at all more powerful than a sling shot?
    Actually, why should any civilian be able to acquire any kind of assault weapons, – weapons whose sole purpose is to kill as many people as possible, in a short amount of time, and at a distance? Assault weapons are only meant for war, not civilian use! Short of making purchase and ownership of weapons in general more restrictive, a good start would be to totally ban assault weapons for civilians. Less powerful weapons are, of course, dangerous enough in the hands of the wrong people, but they are at least somewhat slower, while the need to exchange smaller capacity magazines, leaves a better chance for potential victims and others to interrupt the slaughter. Civilians running around with assault weapons, are unbecoming a civilized society! We better grow up from such madness!

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:38 am on June 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump’s macabre massacre claim 

    As expected, Republican presidential presumptuous nominee Donald Trump wasted no time in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre before trying to score political points, claiming he was “right”.
    Right about what?
    Right about making assault weapons illegal? Right about calling for more thorough background checks to make it harder to obtain weapons for those not responsible enough? Right about equal rights regardless of gender, religious background, ethnicity or sexual orientation?
    No, Trumpy, you were dead wrong on all accounts, and more!
    Your opponent, Democratic presidential pre-eminent nominee Hillary Clinton, was right on all accounts, and more!

  • Jorg Aadahl 8:05 am on May 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Zimmerman’s chutzpah 

    That Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, has no shame, has been apparent and reinforced by his behavior and many run-ins with the law. But putting his killer gun up for the highest bidder, takes the chutzpah cake!
    George Zimmerman knows perfectly well that he lied and got away with murder of an unarmed teenager! There should be no doubt that Trayvon simply tried to save himself when faced with Zimmerman, who must have had the gun drawn and pointed at Trayvon, whose alternate action would be to flee and risk being shot in the back. It is simply incredible that the jury would believe Zimmerman when he claimed that he was attacked by Trayvon, defending himself with “God is the only judge that I have to answer to … He knows what happened!”

    That’s exactly what I have said all along: “God knows how Zimmerman was able to get his gun out from underneath him, from inside his pants, then cock it and shoot, while pinned down on his back, with both hands held tight by the 17-year old Trayvon Martin”.

    And now he has profited from auctioning off a murder weapon that should never have been returned to him!

  • Jorg Aadahl 1:53 pm on January 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Guns, Tears and Republicans – commentary # 3 

    For the full text, please refer to ARTICLE-LINKs – Common sense vs. Republicans
    AnneLiese Busch Florida
    I used to identify as a Republican. I used to try and overlook all of the nonsense spewed by Republicans, and allow the less crazy viewpoints to overrule what I knew to be blatantly wrong, and oftentimes ridiculous. I think the turning point for me, like many, was Sandy Hook. I was living in Peru at the time, and remember thinking, “this has got to be it, surely we’ve had enough, this is the turning point, surely new gun control measures will be passed.” And nothing happened, not one thing changed. And I watched in horror as those in my own perceived party, the Republicans, asserted that clearly the problem was that not enough people were armed, that had the teachers been armed, they could have saved lives. That’s when I knew I was not a Republican. From that day forward, I felt more and more drawn to Obama, a man who spoke with patience and dignity over the chorus of idiots who comprise the congress, and the Republican Party. Statistics, facts, and reality don’t seem to matter to many Republicans, and I can’t think of anything more dangerous. So thank you President Obama, thank you for taking a stand, and thank you for allowing me to open my eyes to the reality of the party I once thought represented me.

  • Jorg Aadahl 4:14 pm on January 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Guns, Tears and Republicans – commentary 

    Please refer to the article “Guns, Tears and Republicans” under ARTICLE-LINKS – Common sense vs. Republicans. Here is another commentary, this one by Socrates, a trusted commenter from Downtown Verona:
    Reason, evidence and logic has never been the strong suit of a large swath of the American public.
    Religion holds large sway in this country, unlike all other rich countries, which helps explain how other countries reached the very logical conclusion along time ago that guns kill people while many Americans still think that’s simply not true.

    Guns in fact are a type of religion in America with tens of millions blindly worshipping the medieval-like 1791 wording of the 2nd Amendment exactly the same way fundamentalist Christians worship the Bible’s words, fundamentalist Muslims chant Koranic verses and Hasidic Jews recite and sing their favorite passages from the Torah.

    America’s gun religion – like any medieval religion – is predicated on fear of death, paranoia, live-saving delusions, fantasy scenarios, end-time scenarios, groupthink and a blind, unshakable faith in the God of Guns who will always solve every problem.

    Never mind the dead children, slaughtered innocents and preventable deaths by adopting basic gun safety measures; the God of Guns is pure and he works in beautiful, mysterious ways.

    The God of Guns is great !

    Welcome to America’s gun jihadists, coming to a theater near you…to kill more Americans thanks to the freedom of gun religion.

    Let us pray to our guns.

  • Jorg Aadahl 2:11 pm on January 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Guns, Tears and Republicans 

    Under ARTICLE-LINKS you will find a very readable, enlightening and timely article “Guns, Tears and Republicans” from NY Times.
    Here is just one of hundreds of reader comments, referring to President Obama’s emotional talk on the need for improved gun control on January 5, 2016:

    Pat New York City
    To me, the telling line from President Obama was that every time he thinks about the Newtown kids, “it gets [him] mad.” Indeed, this was when his tears fell in earnest. Mad. Mad? Publicly acknowledging that anger, showing emotion, nearly breaking down? This from a man who, as one of the best public speaking politicians in recent memory, is not a fire-brand, not overly impassioned, and actually quite reserved. From a man who has endured, at minimum, 7 years of hateful, racist, xenophobic insults from unbalanced news channels and ignorant Americans alike, who has certifiably received more death threats than any President in history, who expresses his frustration with a Congress more focused on repealing legislation that actually helps millions of Americans (and which derisive moniker, “Obamacare”, he now accepts) than, say, ensuring our veterans are properly cared for, but who, in the face of such frustration, still “holds it together.” Amazing. Not calculated, not scripted, not “losing it.”

    So mad, so frustrated, so truly sorry that he could do nothing to protect those children in the face of nonsensical arguments that any limitations on gun purchases are complete abridgments of Second Amendment rights (what is a “well regulated militia” anyhow?) . . . that he cried. I have seen men moved to tears over far, far less.

    As he stated, if we can save a single additional massacre by even a modicum of restraint, it must be done.
    To fail do so should make us all cry.

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:40 am on July 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Pope’s Apology Tour 

    President Obama has been severely criticized for travelling around the world, kind of apologizing for his country not always having lived up to the exceptional image of ourselves we have come to adore.
    And now, lo and behold, Pope Francis is being criticized for travelling around the world apologizing for the evils committed by Catholics, in the name of God, from enslaving the Native Americans way back when, to making innocent little alter boys into sex slaves for the enjoyment of the clergy.

    Are we on a slippery apology slope here? Who knows, – the next thing might be the NRA apologizing for having worked so hard for the freedom for anyone to carry and shoot freely, or Congressional Republicans apologizing for having sabotaged the presidency of Obama, with immeasurable harm to the country, as well as the rest of the world.
    Or, perhaps the slope isn’t slippery enough. Not yet, – anyway.

  • Jorg Aadahl 1:08 pm on January 10, 2015 Permalink  

    George Zimmerman arrested, – again! 

    George Zimmerman, who provoked and eventually shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin, is at it again. This time he has been arrested for aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon. Here’s from a blog post on ABC’s news site:
    LoveCoates •
    The dangerous violent t h u g Zimmerman can’t stay out of trouble. He was accused of molesting his cousin. He was fired from his job for aggressive behavior — body slamming a co-worker. His record includes charges for resisting arrest which his magistrate daddy got dropped. This was all before he profiled, stalked, then started a fight with an unarmed teenager named Trayvon Martin, then murdered the kid when he started to lose the fight like the coward he is. Then he continues to get in trouble with the law — stopped for speeding, beating up his girlfriend, assaulting his ex-wife and her father while brandishing a weapon. And now this ticking time bomb — who should not be able to own a weapon — is under arrest for aggravated assault. Shocker.

    And yet right wing conservative Republicans still to this day insist the kid was the aggressor. Sure. Right.

    Here’s from one of my earlier blogs:
    What difference does it make who cried for help during the fight between George Zimmerman and his murder victim, Trayvon Martin? It could be either of the two, and unrelated to who initiated and was responsible for that fatal confrontation. There seems to be no doubt that Zimmerman left his car and kept following Trayvon, despite the 911 operator telling him not to. If Zimmerman pursued and tried to stop Trayvon, or challenged him in some way, the natural reaction for Trayvon would be to resist and defend himself, try to get away or hit back and take the aggressor down, in which case Zimmerman may have cried out. But if he were pinned down on his back, as he claims, how could he get his gun out from underneath both shirt and jacket, hidden inside his pants in the back and be able to shoot Trayvon in the heart? He probably already had his gun out, ready to shoot. In that case, Trayvon’s only chance was to try a knock-out, causing Zimmerman to fall and slightly scratch his head. Still, he was able to shoot and kill Trayvon, and later call it “God’s will.”
    If not for Zimmerman, Trayvon would have made it home with his iced tea and Skittles alive. While on the phone with a friend complaining about a scary guy he was trying to get away from, he wasn’t likely to follow him and pick a fight. That’s what Zimmerman did. He didn’t “fight for his life” — he took Trayvon Martin’s.

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:46 am on October 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The secret behind Secret Service? 

    The recently disclosed slip-ups by the Secret Service remind me of this line from “Dallas 1963”: “The political extremism that was rampant during the Kennedy administration and leading up to the assassination of the president …”.
    Will we realize in time that the current hate environment against President Obama is just as dangerous, if not worse? He has received three times the threats of any US president.
    The all-out right-wing call to take him down at any cost has no doubt riled up lunatic, racist gun-slingers looking for the slightest slip-up by the presidential body guards, just a moment’s inattention, a detail overlooked, – or simply a Secret Service asleep on WH watch.
    Since Republican politicians have shown they are willing to go to any length and gladly tank the economy and lead the nation into recession, just to take down Obama, there are enough forces in powerful positions to arrange
    for an eager shooter to do the job no one dares to speak about, and then cover it up. It is a frightening prospect, and we would be fools to think it can’t happen. Again.
    Remember how easy it was to gun down Democratic presidential nominee Robert Kennedy in 1969?
    Will we ever know the truth behind the JFK assassination? Right now we need a thorough explanation of what happened the other day, – no matter how embarrassing it may be for those involved.

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:16 am on June 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Asocial gun culture 

    Get caught DUI, and you’re in deep trouble, with fine, temporary loss of driver’s license and increased insurance rate. Doesn’t matter if your driving was perfect, or even better than most totally sober drivers. Nor does it matter if your driving affected no one.

    Get caught with some dope, and you’re in deep trouble. You may be fined and incarcerated and marked for life. Doesn’t matter if you affected no one and your behavior was exemplary.

    Threaten mass murder, behave like a crazy gun slinger, amass an arsenal of assault weapons and ammunition enough to start your very own war, and everything is OK. After all, you haven’t killed anyone. Yet. Even if you do, like running out to provoke someone, then “stand your ground” on someone else’s turf, you can even kill and get away with murder, like in the Zimmerman/Trayvon case.

    I have trouble understanding why guns are OK, even in the hands of certified lunatics and self-declared would-be assassins, while some dope and an extra drink are no-nos, even for people who are no threat to anyone and who have done no damage. But threatening to kill someone with a gun, even threaten to take down government, – no problem, – until you follow through! Then you could get in trouble, – but not necessarily so!

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:41 am on June 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Illegal use of “legal” weapons 

    The weapons used in the Santa Barbara massacre were legally purchased, we read (“Suspect in shooting rampage blamed aloof women”, SM Daily Journal, 5/26/2014).
    So what? Is that supposed to mitigate the insanity of the Santa Barbara rampage?
    If anything, it makes the tragedy worse! It is a false illusion that legally purchased murder weapons are OK. If they are used to harm anyone except in self defense, or used by someone other than the legal owner, it demonstrates that the sale of those weapons was a mistake. If a so-called legal owner misuses his weapons, it demonstrates that it was too easy for him or her to obtain a permit.
    If a legal owner cannot keep his weapons safe and out of the hands of others, the permit should be revoked and all weapons confiscated for life. No ifs or buts about it! The rights of people to live unharmed should trump the trumped up “rights” of gun owners, whose obsession with weapons at times borders on the absurd.
    Stopping the NRA-blessed gun insanity is long overdue. About time to take our lives back, before more are lost! Enough is enough!

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:55 am on June 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Joe the Plumber at it again! 

    As if running around brainless wasn’t enough, now the infamous Joe the Plumber also shows he has no heart. In the aftermath of yet another gun tragedy, this time at UCSB, how insensitive and self-important do you have to be to claim “Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights”. My goodness!
    That’s the GOP darling who was so confused that he didn’t understand that your net taxable income had to exceed $250,000 before a higher tax rate came into effect, and then only for the part above that level. No wonder he became such a hit with Republicans, helping them spread nonsense among low-info voters.

  • Jorg Aadahl 5:35 am on May 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Nov. 22, 1963 afterthought 

    Despite Lee Harvey Oswald’s dubious background and suspicious activities, he was able to buy through mail order the gun that allegedly killed President J.F.Kennedy. If background checks had been in place, that purchase may have been averted, and our elected president may have been allowed to pursue a more promising new direction for the US, – and the rest of the world. It is not only difficult to understand the rational behind NRA’s resistance to background checks. Their position is also highly suspicious, as well as dangerous for anyone, including current and future presidents.

  • Jorg Aadahl 5:33 am on May 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The “Loud music” verdict 

    We will never know how many lives may have been saved by the jury finding Michael Dunn guilty in the “Loud music” trial, – or how many more have been lost due to the insane Zimmerman verdict.
    Hopefully, trigger-happy gun-slinger’s will now think twice about looking for situations that can be provoked, then jump in and shoot to kill, and falsely claim standing their ground in self-defense.
    Both Zimmerman and Dunn left their own ground to provoke situations that turned fatal, – on someone else’s ground.  Zimmerman got away with taking a life, – Dunn is now in prison for the rest of his.
    Justice finally served, – and “standing your ground” somewhat shakier.

  • Jorg Aadahl 5:29 am on May 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    A real no-brainer 

    Why wasn’t the right to automobile ownership and regulation of traffic covered by the US Constitution?
    That’s simply because the Founding Fathers during the age of horse and carriage didn’t have the foresight to anticipate the development of automobiles and the ensuing traffic and need for regulation to protect us from killing each other. Consequently, the Constitution was limited to what they knew and could foresee at the time.  Few, except perhaps the most extreme lunatics among us, would suggest that automobile regulations are unconstitutional.
    Likewise, how in the world could the Founding Fathers foresee high-capacity automatic assault weapons eventually be developed when all they knew were muscats? Consequently, the Second Amendment was limited to what they knew and could foresee at the time.
    It’s as simple as that. Should be a no-brainer even for the most intellectually challenged Republicans and NRA talking heads.

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