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  • Jorg Aadahl 12:53 pm on January 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Jefferson’s informed electorate 

    Founding Father Thomas Jefferson wrote that a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy. How well informed and educated were people who voted for Donald Trump? After having seen what little good Trump has been able to do, except for himself and immediate family, and how much damage he has already done, many have come to regret how they cast there vote.
    Jefferson also said that democracy is 51% of the people taking away the rights of the other 49%, – in contrast to the last election, where Donald Trump only got 46.1%, or about 3million votes less than his opponent, Hillary Clinton, still taking away the rights of the remaining majority.
    It will probably remain a mystery why so many could vote for a sexual assaulter, an habitual liar, childish name caller and several times bankrupt, who didn’t seem to know much about the US Constitution, government’s role in a society, or what it takes to maintain the US position as a world leader and a model for the rest. Just insisting for 5 years that President Obama was born in Kenya, was so silly that such statements alone should have made him ineligible for any governmental post.

    How could this have been prevented? Should presidential candidates be required to show their tax returns, go through a thorough background check, and be subjected to an in-depth examination about various topics to demonstrate a certain level of understanding?
    It shouldn’t be enough to refer to the Bible as the favorite book, or that the tax return is stuck in audit. For starters, it would help to abolish the electoral college, an anachronism that made the last two Republican presidents possible, – Bush with 271, Trump with 304, while Obama gathered 375 electoral votes and 52.7% of the popular vote.

    • Al Ward 11:26 am on January 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was interested Jorg, to see that you managed to have this particular blog entry published in the San Mateo Times as a letter to the editor. Congratulations, it drew comments.
      Here is my comment:
      Jefferson was right!
      That is why the U.S. Senate was set up with two seats per state, regardless of the state’s population. That arrangement helps prevent bullying by the bigger states of the less populated ones. To some extent that is also true of of the Electoral College arrangement, as illustrated by the last presidential election.
      Al Ward

      • Jorg Aadahl 3:57 pm on January 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among a group of the US states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The compact is designed to ensure that the candidate who wins the most popular votes is elected president, and it will come into effect only when it will guarantee that outcome. As of December 2017, it has been adopted by ten states and the District of Columbia. Together, they have 165 electoral votes, which is 30.7% of the total Electoral College and 61.1% of the votes needed to give the compact legal force.
        If this had been in effect for the 2000 election, neither George W. Bush, nor Donald Trump would have been elected president. Let’s look forward to 2020, – which symbolizes clear-sightedness!
        Imagine what a better world we would have had without the last two Republicans in the WH, and imagine the savings, in life, structural damage, moral decay, environment, and world respect.

    • Al Ward 9:30 pm on January 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Jorg, it is easy to see why Progressives would support NPVIC. That way they would be able to bully the other 47% of the population into paying for their misguided attempts to make the fairytale dreams and Wishful Thinking of the left to come true. Jefferson was right.

  • Jorg Aadahl 3:41 pm on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Credit where credit is due 

    To be fair, the top 2017 kudos should be split between Roy Moore for exposing the shallow
    morality of the Christian Right, and Donald Trump for exposing the shallow soul of the Republican Congress. What an outstanding and unusual educational service to the public.

    • Al Ward 9:07 pm on January 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Jorg, my Progressive friend, how could you be so absolutely wrong regarding “the shallow
      morality of the Christian Right”?
      Shallow? Shallow???
      You really don’t understand commitment to religious principles, do you?

      The support in Alabama for Roy Moore was the result of the amazing DEPTH of religious commitment by evangelicals which caused them to admire and support a man who had demonstrated his determination to protect religious rights by such actions as standing up to the US Govt. in defending the Ten Commandments monument at the AL Statehouse.
      The Christian Right knows very well that a man with Moore’s Christian Values could not possibly have had ANYTHING immoral in mind as a 32 year old man who liked to date girls as young as 14.

      Please, get your mind out of the gutter.
      Raise it up to the immaculate standards by which Roy Moore is known by many in Alabama.

      On the bright side, you can join the cheering of the Democrat Party as they look forward to Nov. 2018!
      What a triumph for them in the AL special election.
      Doug Jones, their man, was able to defeat (all be it by a very narrow margin) a non-repentant, self proclaimed pedophile!
      That is apparently all that is needed for Democrats to win in Red States!

      • Jorg Aadahl 8:46 am on January 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Amen to that, Al!

  • Jorg Aadahl 2:15 pm on November 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    More against Moore 

    You have to feel sorry for the teenage girls abused by “holier-than-thou” evangelist Roy Moore, having hidden those unspeakable atrocities for so long, with a slim chance of even being believed back then when it all happened. No doubt whatsoever that it all happened, – and probably far more.
    Even now, fellow evangelists are ganging up against the women, swearing Moore’s innocence, literally on a Bible. If those girls hadn’t run away, Moore would probably have done more, – no pun intended. These women should be praised, both for resisting him back then, and for having the courage to speak out now.
    There is no reason to believe that these women are lying, which raises a couple of embarrassing questions for Mr. Moore. He claims to believe in a god, so of course his God would know what he has done, – not once, but repeatedly. And now he is lying about it, claiming that the women are lying. Doesn’t that have something to do with the ninth of those commandments he illegally installed in stone in his former court house, before he was rightfully ousted?
    Or, is his religious front just a convenient cover-up, securing so many fellow evangelicals now streaming to this child molester’s defense?
    Moore’s testimony shifts as more women are coming forward with different stories. Now, at least he admits to having had some contact with underage girls, but only after asking for their mothers’ approval, – to take their young daughters out for ice cream or movies?!
    Whether praying with them, or preying upon them, his colleagues back then were aware of his pursuits and found it weird and unacceptable. So would be his role as a US senator!

  • Jorg Aadahl 8:08 am on May 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Science denied 

    Advances in science have no doubt contributed to a better world, and shown how important it is to rely on science to protect the Earth we all live on, for now and for future generations. Not only has science helped us understand better how things work, and why, but has also dispelled old superstitions and pretty much done away with imaginary fears and among other things pulled religion down to earth, so to speak.
    It is therefor puzzling why science deniers even have a voice in this matter! Those without a science background or an understanding of science, and who instead denounce it all, should not have a voice and should not be taken seriously. This is not a case where we all have a birthright to equal say! If you don’t understand it, keep quiet and listen to those who do.
    It is like a math illiterate who denies math because he doesn’t understand it and feels that he has a right to fight against its logical concepts and deny it’s power.
    Or someone knocking a ball game without understanding the rules and how it is played.
    Or, heaven forbid, like someone without a fiber of governmental background or understanding of how a society is supposed to work for all, is being put in charge of it, despite advertised plans to destroy it! That could never happen, could it? At least not in a society with intelligent voters who have some sense of what they are doing, – or what?

  • Jorg Aadahl 1:37 pm on March 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply  


    Donald Trump’s support crowd is shrinking, raising the obvious question of how dumb they must feel for having been taken so thoroughly by a lying con artist like him, already flunking as a self-styled “negotiator” without a clue to governmental affairs.
    For the remaining faithful, what would it take for that sorry crowd to understand that they have been taken for fools? Would even more lying help them to see the light? Further exposure of his past business failures, his ungentlemanlike sexual assaults, his tax evasion, cheating of employees and contractors, his shallow religiosity and questionable family values? What will it take to wake up the rest of his supporters? Anything, or nothing? Are they so brain washed that anything and anyone labelled “conservative” or “Republican” automatically will get a stamp of unquestioned approval and nausiating admiration? Are they shielded from all info? Don’t they watch main stream TV or read the more fact-based newspapers? Any constructive thinking or books except a few selected to solidify outdated, asocial views?
    Will it make a difference if he makes himself more of a laughingstock around the world, making the rest of us look like idiots for letting such an incomptetent egomaniac into the highst and most important office of the world? What if he was exposed as the traitor it now looks like he has been, and still is, conspiring with foreign adversaries to undermine our own democracy? Will he need to surround himself with more incompetents set on destroying our most vital social functions before his remaining supporters begin to see the light?

    For a cross-section of articles exposing this unqualified and unfit occupant of the White House, please refer to “Article Links”, ranging from Trumpy the Liar to “Groper-in-Chief, from his insanity and twitter bugging to the Russian scandal.

  • Jorg Aadahl 12:45 pm on March 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Trumpy’s Religious Hypocracy 

    It has been established beyond any shadow of doubt, that Donald Trump is a liar, an uninvited groper of women, a tax avoider, a mocker of war heroes and the handicapped, a hater of people with different skin color, religion and ethnicity, several times bankrupt and three times married, – so far. He has cheated employees, banks, investors, and students at his fake Trump “university”.
    In other words, the exact opposite of what Christians would consider a good, considerate, honest, morally upright, humble and decent citizen, respectful of family values and a promoter of good will. Especially the so-called evangelicals would be very strict and rather picky before they support someone running for office. One would think …
    Trump, however, knew better! He didn’t have to, nor did he bother to live up to the evangelical ideal in order to gather their support. All he had to do, was to wave a Bible and declare it a better book than even his own, – written by someone else! How modest, – and how shrewd! The evangelicals immediately flocked to Trumpy and supported him in the presidential election, big time. That’s all it took! Nothing he had done, nothing about his behavior, not even his blatant immorality, mattered anymore. Not even his sexual assaults mattered.
    All it took to fool the gullible, evangelical masses, was a Bible wave! And a Bible, of all things, – a collection of impossible made-up stories, created by ancient people trying to outdo each other with scary stories, – stories that would make any freethinking individual understand are made up. The only really scary part, is that those stories very likely changed the results of the election, giving the highest and most important office in the world to someone not only uniquely unqualified, but so dishonest that he would stoop low enough to use the old and tired bible-waving trick! That such a cheap trick still works in a modern society, is really very, very scary!
    So, among gullible Christians, Bible-waving trumps all behavior, – so to speak.

  • Jorg Aadahl 3:28 pm on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Make America “blessed” again? 

    Donald Trump’s shallow and disingenuous “godliness” is as empty and false as the rest of him.
    Unfortunately, it works to sway gullible, low-info believers. Despite his wide reputation as a sexual assaulter, his cheating, lying and tax evasion, the evangelicals all of a sudden turned into blind Trump supporters when he waved the Bible and declared, with poorly covered modesty, that it was a book even better than his own, – which he hadn’t even written, and probably not read any more critically than the Bible.
    This is the core of the problem we’re faced with. If the most fanatic bible followers had even read that collection of made-up, mostly impossible stories, – and read it with an open mind, they certainly wouldn’t have held it up as a moral guide, and certainly not supported someone who would hold it up as such, when in fact it is the exact opposite! The “God” portrayed is a jealous, self-centered, blood thirsty, immoral maniac, – and obviously made up, just like most of what comes out of Trumpy’s foul mouth.
    Which leaves us wondering if Trump would have been able to eke out even a narrow “win” if mixing politics and religion had been outlawed, like the Founding Fathers obviously intended. So, why are we still so obsessed about religion that someone as uniquely unqualified as Donald Trump can get extra points by faking a “faith”, despite his rather immoral character, which he has even bragged about himself? And now we see what a sorry cabal of cabinet members he has selected, partly incompetent and unqualified, mostly inexperienced in governmental affairs, and many there to promote self-interests at the expense of what is considered common good in a more progressive society.
    The US Constitution, Article II, Section 1 does specify what happens if the President has to be removed. Are we getting there before Trump does more damage than he has managed to do in less than a month of anti-Government actions? His approval rating is dropping daily to new lows, setting presidential records and suggesting that his base of voters is eroding. Then again, if you listened to his election speeches, nothing should be much of a surprise, – even for those with an R stamped to the forehead.

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:21 am on February 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    The US Dis-education Compartment 

    The pre-college US educational system is already lagging badly behind other comparable Western countries.
    The election of someone as uniquely unqualified, religiously obsessed and anti-science motivated as wealthy socialite Betsy deVos to lead the Eductional Department, doesn’t point towards a much needed academic upgrade.
    Perhaps the opposite was intended? This could very well be a part of a Republican longer range planning to secure future voters among the more poorly educated, religiously indoctrinated, gullible and easily fooled.
    Just remember how Trumpy gained evangelical support by waving the Bible, – a horrible collection of made-up, scary, immoral, and impossible stories. That’s all it took! And it may work again, – unless voters get better, fact-based education.

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:38 am on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    The Trump’d up travel mess 

    It is difficult understand why we have this embarrassing Trump-caused travel mess all of a sudden!
    The first line of defense against airborne terrorists should be the visa process!
    If no visa, you won’t fly. And to get a visa, you have to prove that your background is clean, and that you have no adverse associations. You must account for what you intend to do here in the US and whom to visit, etc., especially for applicants from “trouble” nations. If it doesn’t check out, you won’t get a visa, and you won’t fly!

    If anything turns out fishy, the claimed contacts here in the US should be checked out. Thoroughly!
    Put the burden on the applicants to prove they are OK, and hold each country’s US Embassy responsible for verification and background checks before a visa is issued. Whatever time it takes, a month, 3 months, forever, – so be it.
    To visit the US is not a right for anyone, it is a privilege, and you have to prove you are a worthy visitor! The burden of proof should be on the would-be travelers, not on us!

    On the other hand, if you are a US citizen or holding a green card, you get back in without a hitch. A green card holder has already been found OK. If he/she commits a crime, the card and the holder go!

  • Jorg Aadahl 3:23 pm on January 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump’s Backwards Cabinet 

    This is the embarrassing gallery of superstitious ignorami Donald J. Trump has picked for his cabinet:
    Carson: Evolution is from the Devil!
    DeVos: Put God in schools!
    LtGen Flynn: Christianity is at war with Islam!
    Perry: Fire? Pray for rain!
    Pompeo: Evil is all around us until the Rapture!
    Perdue: Drought? Pray for rain!
    Pruitt: Hand out bibles in schools!
    Sessions: Secular people can’t understand the truth!

    And those characters are supposed to “Make America Great Again”?
    Instead, they will set us back and “Make America Regret Again”, – not to mention making us the laughing stock of the developed world!
    As if we haven’t had enough of Republican administrations and the damage they cause! Haven’t we seen how backwards and outright dangerous they are? When will we learn? The Trump administration may even turn out to be worse than the one preceding President Obama’s progressive reign, which leaves a question of when we can expect to be back on track again to a better, safer and more equal society? Will we ever? Or, perhaps that train has left for good?

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:12 am on October 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Guest post: Christian values, by Marc Perkel, Gilroy (LTE, SF Chronicle Insight 10/16/2016) 

    I’m somewhat surprised that Sen. Ted Cruz is sticking with Donald Trump after all the horrible stuff that Trump did to Ted Cruz personally. Trump accused Ted Cruz’s father of being a conspirator in the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy and attacked his wife as being too ugly to be first lady.

    Ted Cruz is supposedly a Christian and yet he doesn’t have a problem with Trump going after married women while his pregnant wife sits at home, or talking about grabbing women by the crotch because he’s a “star” and he can get away with it. If this is what they call “Christian values,” all I can say is, “Thank God I’m an atheist!”

    Marc Perkel, Gilroy

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:34 am on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    9/11 reminder 

    9/11 lessons learned? (SM Daily Journal, 9/17/2013, reprinted with comments)
    Dear Editor,
    The MSNBC 9/11 documentary, “On Native Soil”, was a timely reminder of atrocities that must never be forgotten. It was also a shocking exposé of what went wrong prior to and during the Islamic terrorist attacks on that fateful day. Just about everything that could go wrong, and more, did.
    How could all the signs, warnings and actual reports about the pending attacks be ignored?
    Why would American linguists fluent in Arabic languages be fired, just because they were gay, while intercepted documents with clues were left un-translated? How could so many agencies hang on to bits and pieces of important info without communicating with each other? How could then Secretary of State Condoliza Rice claim that “no one could imagine that someone would steal our airplanes and use them as bombs”? That was her job to “imagine”! Besides, ever heard about WWII and the Japanese?
    While the country was attacked, President Bush sat in an elementary school classroom reading for the students! That’s a job for the president, while all indications were that something huge was about to happen? On top of the info mismanagement prior to 9/11, – almost total confusion while it happened, important phone calls were left on hold, fighter jets scrambled without clear mission or goal, etc.
    The Bush administration even tried to torpedo a most needed comprehensive investigation, until forced by 9/11 victims and relatives of the dead and maimed. Apparently none, or only a few, of the “9/11 Commission Report” have been acted upon. Did we learn anything, beyond taking our shoes off and on before flying anywhere?
    Jorg Aadahl
    Excellent! Glad to see someone is writing the truth about 9/11. Julie Muller
    Plenty of people who have spun your facts differently would call your article 100% lefty claptrap. I suspect the truth lies in the middle. Al W
    Yes, Al! I’m fully aware of that! Facts and logic are claptrap to what appears to be the majority of Republicans. That’s why they vote lunatics into office. Jorg
    I heard from good sources that if Clinton was still in office, due to his more inquiring style of management the event would probably have been stopped. Mike C.
    Yes, indeed! Clinton warned Bush that Osama bin Laden was planning a major attack, – which Bush simply ignored. He had more important things to do, – like reading “My pet goat” for little children, – without stumbling. Jorg

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:46 pm on July 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Iraq war blame 

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is now being seriously criticized for his role in the Iraq war, even being called a war criminal.
    His excuse: “I thought I did the right thing”.
    When will we get around to the culprit who talked him into this idiotic war game, SCOTUS-selected “Commander-in-Mischief”, George W. Bush, a fellow evangelist who used to pray afterwards that he had done the right thing?

    Or, are we too preoccupied with Hillary’s e-mails?

  • Jorg Aadahl 8:05 am on May 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Zimmerman’s chutzpah 

    That Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, has no shame, has been apparent and reinforced by his behavior and many run-ins with the law. But putting his killer gun up for the highest bidder, takes the chutzpah cake!
    George Zimmerman knows perfectly well that he lied and got away with murder of an unarmed teenager! There should be no doubt that Trayvon simply tried to save himself when faced with Zimmerman, who must have had the gun drawn and pointed at Trayvon, whose alternate action would be to flee and risk being shot in the back. It is simply incredible that the jury would believe Zimmerman when he claimed that he was attacked by Trayvon, defending himself with “God is the only judge that I have to answer to … He knows what happened!”

    That’s exactly what I have said all along: “God knows how Zimmerman was able to get his gun out from underneath him, from inside his pants, then cock it and shoot, while pinned down on his back, with both hands held tight by the 17-year old Trayvon Martin”.

    And now he has profited from auctioning off a murder weapon that should never have been returned to him!

  • Jorg Aadahl 11:08 am on May 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Prayer-heads losing! 

    Senator Ted Cruz’ biblical references and persistent prayers didn’t help him much in his frantic bid for the Republican nomination. Not even in evangelical Indiana did his calls for divine backing help much.
    On the other hand, all those praying that Donald Trump wouldn’t get the Republican nomination, weren’t heard either.
    What can we make of that? Prayers don’t work anymore, – or has the target for the praying decided to leave elections to the voters, whether they pray or not? Or too busy rigging football games, perhaps?
    Funny, though, that Trump’s two remaining Republican contenders, Kasich and Cruz, both dropped out of the race on May 4, – the ludicrous National Day of Prayer. They must finally have realized they didn’t have one.

  • Jorg Aadahl 12:10 pm on April 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Former “Religious Right” Republican to Obama: “You’re going to be vindicated” 

    Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter, public speaker and painter. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He is also a self-proclaimed “former member of the Religious Right and Republican Party.”

    On April 6, 2016, Schaeffer decided to make a video describing what made him leave the GOP and express his appreciation to Barack Obama whom Schaeffer now calls “a great president.”
    Find this video and other interesting stuff under ARTICLE LINKS – Republicanism and Common Sense: “Obama praised by former Right-winger”.

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:07 pm on April 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    A history lesson easily forgotten 

    On hindsight, one may wonder how a bombastic orator with big words and promises without substance could get such a following? How could he just start with a relatively small group of uneducated, hateful and distrustful youngsters and expand the following into a broader representation of at least a good part of the country, promising to make it great again?
    How could he play so blatantly on hate for another group and get so many people to agree with him? How could he stand there in front of the masses claiming divine sanctions and that he was doing God’s work? How was it possible to turn such a disgraceful movement into winning the top job, – apparently without even cheating?

    Well, Adolph Hitler did it, so why couldn’t it be possible for Donald Trump, – especially if enough gullible people don’t comprehend what he is up to?

  • Jorg Aadahl 1:15 pm on April 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump a GREAT leader! 

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is indeed a leader and someone who can save the country and make it even greater!
    He is about to lead the out-dated Republican party straight off the cliff and into oblivion, which will be good for both the country and the rest of the world.
    Out with religion in politics, special interest leaning SCOTUS, voter restrictions and unnecessary wars. In with equal rights, science, environmental protection and medical care for all, – just for starters.
    So, better times are ahead, thanks to Trump’n. Bless you, bible waving charlatan Donald Trump!

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:42 am on April 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Divine backing failing? 

    While Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are still trying to out pray each other, it is rather remarkable how unsuccessful politicians claiming God’s backing have actually been.
    Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson have all claimed divine encouragement for their unsuccessful running. Some even revealed that God itself had told them to run.
    Perhaps there’s nothing behind the voices roaming around in their heads?
    The only “winner” in recent history claiming divine backing, was George W. Bush, – and we’ve seen the devastating results of his “faith” and the impact he had on “God’s own country”.

  • Jorg Aadahl 12:48 pm on March 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  


    Muslims all over the world have been quick to denounce the latest, vicious waves of terrorism, claiming that it is an attempt to hijack the religion of Islam and saddle peaceful Muslims with defending a religion whose very name is rooted in peace.

    There is no doubt that by far the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, decent and contributing members of their various societies, and that Islam-inspired atrocities reflect badly and unfairly on them. However, to the extent that Islam is based on The Quran, even peaceful Muslims must admit that their “holy” book does not exactly advocate love and peace. Quite the opposite, The Quran makes it clear that it is a Muslims duty to kill any so-called “infidel”, including Muslim apostates, if he has a chance to do so. The Quran is rather specific on that point, advocating hate instead of love, and death and mayhem instead of peace. In other words, the atrocities we have witnessed, both recently and over many, many years in the past, are directly in line with the expressed spirit of the Quran.

    That means that the jihadist terrorists have not “hijacked” the religion of Islam, they have followed that religion to the letter. Fortunately, most Muslims do not follow their religion, and some have even turned Atheist, like famed author Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Unfortunately, too many take the word of The Quran literally, as we have seen, and obviously wooed by the Quran’s promise of virgins in heaven for mass murderers of innocent fellow human beings. Some religion in that sense, and very tempting for those weak of mind and morality, and easily persuaded by an outdated religion based on a book made up by superstitious desert people hundreds of years ago, partly to counter Christianity, and for some very good reasons.

    Since Islam obviously was cooked up to counter Christianity, it is about time to reveal the truth, that it was all a hoax, – just like any other religion! Completely made up. There is no heaven, there is no after-life, – and certainly no tempting virgins waiting to entertain mass murderers of innocent people, – regardless how much they’ve been fooled into considering themselves martyrs! Once that silly dream is taken out of the minds of disturbed, sex-hungry Muslims, – perhaps some of the incentive for killing others left and right, including many of their own, is eliminated. It may be worth trying, – and who knows, perhaps we can move towards a friendlier, safer world for all by not promising religious rewards for inhuman behavior. It might work, – eventually.

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