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  • Jorg Aadahl 8:08 am on May 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Science denied 

    Advances in science have no doubt contributed to a better world, and shown how important it is to rely on science to protect the Earth we all live on, for now and for future generations. Not only has science helped us understand better how things work, and why, but has also dispelled old superstitions and pretty much done away with imaginary fears and among other things pulled religion down to earth, so to speak.
    It is therefor puzzling why science deniers even have a voice in this matter! Those without a science background or an understanding of science, and who instead denounce it all, should not have a voice and should not be taken seriously. This is not a case where we all have a birthright to equal say! If you don’t understand it, keep quiet and listen to those who do.
    It is like a math illiterate who denies math because he doesn’t understand it and feels that he has a right to fight against its logical concepts and deny it’s power.
    Or someone knocking a ball game without understanding the rules and how it is played.
    Or, heaven forbid, like someone without a fiber of governmental background or understanding of how a society is supposed to work for all, is being put in charge of it, despite advertised plans to destroy it! That could never happen, could it? At least not in a society with intelligent voters who have some sense of what they are doing, – or what?

  • Jorg Aadahl 3:23 pm on January 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump’s Backwards Cabinet 

    This is the embarrassing gallery of superstitious ignorami Donald J. Trump has picked for his cabinet:
    Carson: Evolution is from the Devil!
    DeVos: Put God in schools!
    LtGen Flynn: Christianity is at war with Islam!
    Perry: Fire? Pray for rain!
    Pompeo: Evil is all around us until the Rapture!
    Perdue: Drought? Pray for rain!
    Pruitt: Hand out bibles in schools!
    Sessions: Secular people can’t understand the truth!

    And those characters are supposed to “Make America Great Again”?
    Instead, they will set us back and “Make America Regret Again”, – not to mention making us the laughing stock of the developed world!
    As if we haven’t had enough of Republican administrations and the damage they cause! Haven’t we seen how backwards and outright dangerous they are? When will we learn? The Trump administration may even turn out to be worse than the one preceding President Obama’s progressive reign, which leaves a question of when we can expect to be back on track again to a better, safer and more equal society? Will we ever? Or, perhaps that train has left for good?

  • Jorg Aadahl 2:22 pm on September 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump a liar, slow learner, or both? 

    It took Republican presidential hopeless Donald Trump 5 years to finally figure out that President Obama was born here in the United States. The evidence was obvious from day one, and no new information has surfaced, but all of a sudden Trumpy “got” it. Is he such a slow learner, or was he actually lying about it all along, – including “unbelievable” findings by his imaginary “investigators” in Hawaii?
    What about climate change? Doesn’t he understand, or at least accept, what just about every climate scientist across the globe agree upon, not to mention the growing evidence? Or, does he lie about that, too?
    What about President Obama’s accomplishments and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for the job? Doesn’t he get it, or does he simply lie about it all to fool his intellectually challenged followers?
    Finally, does he really believe what he preaches, – about cutting taxes, debt and deficits, while expanding the military, providing jobs for everybody, making everybody richer, scrapping Obamacare, NATO and UN and sending “illegals” young and old out of the country? Or, is that, too, just a bunch of lies and read meat for his uneducated followers?
    Can we believe anything that comes out of his mouth, – whether backed by tweets, or not?
    Is he constantly lying, – or is he just a slow learner?

  • Jorg Aadahl 3:34 pm on December 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Congressional climate 

    While President Obama attended the United Nations’ climate change conference in Paris, the Republican controlled Congress was busy passing legislation to demonstrate that there is no man-made climate change to be taken seriously.
    Which proves, there is no change to the climate in Congress, – a stable condition that is indeed man made.

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:37 am on August 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply  


    I find it rather disturbing how the Republican presidential candidates de-emphasize education.
    It shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that a well funded, public educational system, with emphasis on math, science, logic and thinking, and free from religious indoctrination, is important for the future of the country.
    Among the Republican hopeless, though, not even a brain surgeon seems to understand that.
    Or, is Dr. Ben Carson simply concerned about the future of GOP if people learn too much real stuff?
    One has to wonder …

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:04 am on May 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply  


    Several of the more infamous right-wing Internet web sites have recently launched an advertising campaign for a “system” claiming to increase the odds of winning lotteries, despite the fact that lotteries are random, and must be in order to be legal.
    There is nothing, no strategy, no system, no algorithm or praying for divine intervention that can change the probability of winning. For the California SuperLotto Plus, for example, with 5 picks of 47 numbers, and one Mega out of 27, the odds of hitting all 6 are 41,416,353 to one. Past number combinations have no bearing on future ones, and the probability that a winning number combination will be repeated in the next drawing, is exactly the same as any other of the 41 some million possible combinations, – next to nil.
    This crook with the “secret algorithm” even claims to be a mathematician employed by the University of Oklahoma, having worked out a
    way to increase the odds in your favor by “analyzing” past winners. He even “predicts” that his “system” could bankrupt the entire lotto industry”! Any mathematician would know that there is absolutely no way to change the odds, and past winners have no impact on future number combinations. Each combination has exactly the same probability of showing up through the ball machine that spits out the winning balls. Those balls have no memory of past winning combinations, nor can they be influenced by higher powers. So, if this crook really is a mathematician, which I doubt, then he is worse than a crook and should be charged with numeric malpractice! At any rate, he should be forced to return the couple of hundred dollars he is charging, – if indeed anyone has been dumb enough to fall for such a scam.

    It is kind of funny that this scam seems to be promoted only through right-wing web sites. Does that mean that a scheme like this appeals to the same people who believe that they can increase their odds to become rich by voting Republican? And how has that worked out for them, – to paraphrase Dr. Phil?

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:04 am on February 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  


    S. RES. 66

    Mr. Blumenthal submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

    Expressing support for the designation of February 12, 2015, as “Darwin Day” and recognizing the importance of science in the betterment of humanity.
    Whereas Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution by the mechanism of natural selection, which, together with the monumental amount of scientific evidence Charles Darwin compiled to support the theory, provides humanity with a logical and intellectually compelling explanation for the diversity of life on Earth;
    Whereas the validity of the theory of evolution by natural selection developed by Charles Darwin is further strongly supported by the modern understanding of the science of genetics;
    Whereas it has been the human curiosity and ingenuity exemplified by Charles Darwin that has promoted new scientific discoveries that have helped humanity solve many problems and improve living conditions;
    Whereas the advancement of science must be protected from those unconcerned with the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change;
    Whereas the teaching of creationism in some public schools compromises the scientific and academic integrity of the education systems of the United States;
    Whereas Charles Darwin is a worthy symbol of scientific advancement on which to focus and around which to build a global celebration of science and humanity intended to promote a common bond among all the people of the Earth; and
    Whereas February 12, 2015, is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in 1809 and would be an appropriate date to designate as “Darwin Day”: Now, therefore, be it

    That the Senate—
    (1)supports the designation of “Darwin Day”; and
    (2)recognizes Charles Darwin as a worthy symbol on which to celebrate the achievements of reason, science, and the advancement of human knowledge.

  • Jorg Aadahl 12:45 pm on January 23, 2015 Permalink  


    Since Papal power used to be firmly planted on their side, Conservatives in the Growing Old Party are now understandably upset about the Pope’s recent statement that climate change is man-made!
    Who knows what he comes up with next. Perhaps he will state that water and air pollution, as well as soil contamination, may have something to do with industry’s lack of environmental responsibility and profits before people?
    Or, heaven forbid, that all babies are man-made and no one ever divinely conceived!

  • Jorg Aadahl 2:06 pm on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Environmental disaster 

    The United States and China — the world’s two largest economies — have struck a historic deal to fight climate change.
    That’s the kind of global leadership by President Obama we can all be proud of!
    But, what a sick joke to put a high profile climate change and science denier like Republican Senator James Inhofe from
    Oklahoma in charge of the relevant Committee for Environment and Public Works!
    That’s like putting a convicted criminal in charge of FBI, or a high school dropout in charge of the Education Department.
    Or, heaven forbid, Republicans in charge of Congress!

    • Al Ward 5:39 pm on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Or like putting Jonathan Gruber in charge of The Executive Branch Dept. of Candor and Transparency. Oh, I forgot, President Obama already did that.
      Those stupid voters that Gruber refers to include the few Democrat members of the congress who are not flaming progressives but who were bamboozled into voting for . But Democrats in congress are not all stupid, you’ll remember that a Senator from Nebraska and one from Louisiana had to be bribed to get them to vote for Obama Care. Bribed with taxpayer money of course (the press referred to the bribe deals as the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase.

      The wonderful and historic USA/China climate change agreement has all the substance of the fatuous campaign slogan “Hope and Change”. The Chinese will have to do something before they all strangle on their own smog, but giving credit for that to Obama, recipient of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize is as silly as awarding him that prize was.

      • Jorg Aadahl 8:47 pm on November 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        The statutes of the Nobel Peace Prize state that the prize is awarded to encourage peace movement and a world more receptive to the idea of more friendly solutions to world problems, acknowleging that no peace is necessarily secured forever. As a high profile spokesman for ending ongoing conflicts and negotiations and international cooperation to avoid future wars, President Obama fully deserved the honor and has lived up to his ideal.

  • Jorg Aadahl 6:48 pm on November 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply  


    In the aftermath of this last mid-term election, much reference has been given to the “voice of the voters”. But did the voters really speak, when 2/3 didn’t vote, while the 1/3 that did were mostly older and more conservative people, a pattern in line with previous mid-terms?
    I’m not sure that the missing millions necessarily were sending a message. If any at all, it could be anything from for or against what President Obama has done, or not done, to disgust or approval of the Congressional Republicans’ conspiracy to obstruct from day 1.
    Perhaps even more important, how did money, voter suppression and religion affect the turnout, and the actual voting, – from the gubernatorial level to House representatives and Senators?
    Have money and the heavily funded smear campaigns taken over? Has it come to a point where more attention is being paid to what a candidate claims about the opposition, and less to what each candidate really stands for and have already done, including what is even realistically possible to get done?
    Promises are one thing, political reality something else.
    And why did the young and so many minorities stay away? Fed up with politics as usual, or discouraged
    by all the new ID requirements and even more limited access to places where they could vote?
    These are important questions and essential to address for the future of our country, – and the rest of the
    world for that matter. If we can’t fix these problems, we may end up with even worse cases than putting
    a climate change denier and science non-believer like Republican Jim Inhofe in charge of the Committee for Environment and Public Works.

    The claim has been made, that there has been a complete lack of trust between President Obama and Republican leaders. How can that be?
    Both in the House and Senate, Republican leaders have been true to their word from day 1, that they would obstruct everything and anything from Obama’s side. They stuck religiously, to their promise and didn’t even yield for any effort on Obama’s part to create more jobs, protect the environment, improve the economic conditions for middle class and the poor, or any other attempt at changing the conditions worked out by his predecessor, George W. Bush.
    So, while the Republicans have shown they could be trusted to stick faithfully to their guns (no pun intended), could the Republicans trust Obama? No, that’s a different story! Despite being awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, six years later there is still not ever-lasting peace in the world, – not to mention the persistent turmoil in the rest of the Universe. And, get this, despite the Obamacare he forced upon uninsured people, despite Republican opposition, Ebola is roaming around, – in Africa, of all places, identified as Obama’s birth place by usually wrong rigth-wingers.
    So, who is trustworthy, – or not?

    During this last election, it was revealed that President Obama had met with Senate
    minority leader Mitch McConnell at least once, perhaps as much as twice, during his
    Why, Mr. President?
    Why-oh-why would you waste SO much of your precious time on someone who on the
    day you were inaugurated, conspired with other Republican leaders to obstruct absolutely
    everything you ever tried to do as the newly elected president of the US?

    Gas prices are down, unemployment is down, deficits are cut, stock market at record high, job growth consistent, economy improving, corporate profits at record highs, Ebola not spreading …
    Yeah, time to get rid of Obama!

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:48 am on May 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Flat earth climate deniers 

    Senator Marco Rubio said in an interview that he didn’t believe scientists are right in stating that human activity is dramatically affecting climate change.
    He is not the only member of this new flat earth denial society; membership is prevalent among Republicans, – even among those misplaced on congressional science committees.
    Do these science challenged souls also deny math solutions to math problems they don’t understand? Did they object to the math teacher’s solutions in high school, – just because it was different from their own feeble attempt at working out a problem?
    Do they deny the existence of foreign languages, too, because they don’t understand any of them?
    Do they understand quantum physics? Probably not, just deny it all.
    Do they deny the proven existence of million-year old fossils, because they’d rather believe the creationism hoax?
    But impossible stories cooked up thousands of years ago? Not a doubt! Gobble it all up!

    • Per A. Haakstad 5:12 am on May 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Many tend to believe the same as their “reference group”, the environment where they grew up and know well (they think) and that they trust. In addition: the quality of US elementary schools and high school seems to vary a lot. Some children and youngsters were taught by ignorant (and underpaid) teachers, who are weak on science and strong on free imagination. I think it would be helpful to fund better schools and better teachers. Bright youngsters who are about to choose a career among the multitude of options today
      are not likely to prepare themselves for a teaching job (except perhaps women who have a rich husband who can provide for them).

      • Jorg Aadahl 7:34 am on May 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Per! A serious problem with the American educational system, is testing and exams with multiple choice. Students are given a set of optional answers from which to pick, instead of having to work out solutions from scratch, like in most European schools. Thus, they don’t really develop analytical ability and often only see solutions given by others, which tends to have an impact on life in general. Questions in general then boil down to “Which one do you prefer?”, instead of “What do you prefer?”

  • Jorg Aadahl 6:42 pm on May 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Climate confusion 

    Snow storms and cold spells on the East coast have deniers like Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans all fired up. Despite the indisputable trend to a steadily warmer globe overall, certain places will still be cold at times, and, of course, there will be snow. Exactly because of a warmer globe, there will be more snow in those places that are still cold. It is very simple. The warmer the weather, the more water will evaporate from oceans and lakes. When the atmosphere can’t hold more evaporated water, rain will fall in warmer areas. And, yes, snow where it is still cold enough for rain to turn into snow. And because of climate change, storms will be more violent as well.

    For every unusually cold area, we can point to other areas unusually hot. The previously rather cold Nordic countries are experiencing unusually warm weather, and a lack of snow on which to ski. Australia is blazing hot these days.

    Observations of climate changes must be based on trends, not individual events or occurrences. Weather is not climate, and anecdotes are not statistics.

    The depth of the ignorance can best be exposed by Republican talking head Erick Erickson’s Facebook entry: “The difference between people who believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus and those who believe in global warming is that Jesus will return.” Yeah, blind faith trumps solid science anytime, among some Republicans. Wonder what would happen if President Obama all of a sudden should come out and deny climate change? Actually, I think I know.

    • Peter Steiness 4:06 am on May 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      So my thought is, that perhaps when that Jesus guy returns, he can fix that climate thing? There’s an idea, huh?

  • Jorg Aadahl 6:40 pm on May 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Rainstorm of Biblical proportions 

    So from where does the torrential rain back East come?

    Not from some mysterious reservoir way up high, but from evaporated water in warm areas around the globe!

    If so, why so much more evaporation than usual? Higher temperatures due to global warming! It is as simple as that, for those who want to accept the laws of nature: as the temperature rises, so does evaporation.

    Sorry about that, global warming deniers. You may refuse to believe it, and even pray to stop the rain, but it rains nevertheless, – in biblical proportions, if you prefer.

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:57 am on April 2, 2014 Permalink  

    Climate warming warning 

    A new UN scientific panel report states that “Global warming is driving humanity toward a whole new level of many risks” . The report’s conclusion is pretty scary stuff, but do climate change deniers, in and out of Congress, understand? I find it rather bizarre, and very disturbing, that so many, even in vital positions, ignore clear and present evidence, while gladly believing made-up, ridiculous stories from thousands of years ago. No wonder more enlightened countries are laughing at our ignorance, and at the same time being scared by our lack of respect for science.

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:43 am on March 30, 2014 Permalink  

    No “right” to circumcise! 

    (Submitted to the NY Times, 6/05/2011)
    Dear Editor,
    Your article “Efforts to ban circumcision gain traction in California” (June 5, 2011) inspired me to reflect on ancient religious practices and where such infringe on some basic human rights. “Religious freedom” does not, and must not, take precedence over constitutional law. Our secular Constitution is not subject to religious supremacy.
    First of all, the Supreme Court has ruled in the past that many religious practices are illegal, such as the polygamy once practiced by Mormons, or the refusal by Christian Scientists to seek medical care for desperately ill children. It is also illegal to spank, mutilate, disfigure or starve children or have sex with them or sell them into prostitution, regardless how religiously disturbed the parents are.
    Since circumcision is a lucrative business, those performing it can’t be assumed to be totally without monetary interests either!
    The critical question is whether male circumcision is harmful, and we intactivists argue that cutting off part of an infant’s penis, while he screams in agony, is painful, barbaric, and at times deadly. It causes permanent anatomical, and often troublesome psychological, damage. This bizarre ritual is never performed in more enlightened, humane cultures, like the Scandinavian countries, where people are healthier with far lower rates of the illnesses circumcision promoters claim to fix.
    Just as people should be free to choose what religion they follow, within certain legal and humanistic limits, men should be free to choose whether or not they have their foreskins surgically removed.
    If others can permanently alter your own body without your consent, you really have no freedom at all. And the fact that it is all based on an ancient myth, makes it that much more primitive and ridiculous. Some proponents refer to the procedure as “time tested”! So was animal and virgin sacrifices to please imaginary gods. So was the notion that the earth was flat and that everything circulates around the Earth. Although “time tested” by primitive people, most don’t believe that anymore.
    Since the Bible has been proved wrong by science or logic on every single point, why should such a sick obsession with a baby’s genitals be honored?
    For the religiously inclined, why not follow a more recent myth? Whether he was an historic figure or not, at least Jesus made sense when he allegedly told his disciples that if circumcision were good, his father would have made boys that way! Or, has the Gospel of Thomas, especially saying # 53, conveniently been ignored because it casts serious doubt about the myth of the Abrahamic covenant, never mind the absence of supporting evidence for this alleged event? Yes, religious contradictions can be troublesome, so ignore the contradictions and let the baby boys suffer!
    It is particularly bizarre that the religious find it necessary to alter their God’s creation! God made a mistake that must be corrected, against common sense, based on a myth thousands of years old?
    Why not the more recent myth, also factually unsubstantiated, but at least sensible and humane. You prefer the illogical and harmful, not the logical and protective?
    You advocate religious nonsense, not humanistic sense? How cruel!
    And who can better decide what’s “best” for the child than the child himself, when grown and able to make the decision on his own? Among those lucky ones left intact, how common is it that they decide to have themselves circumcised later in life, except for rare cases of medical problems or insanity? What’s healthy about cutting off the shield that protects the most sensitive part of men’s genitals from rubbing against underwear? And to suggest that circumcision protects against HIV and STD is absolutely horrible!
    Not only is it totally wrong, but it sends a very dangerous message of having unprotected sex because a removed foreskin does the job! I shudder at the thought of the backlash we are certain to be faced with in Africa, where males are fooled into believing that circumcision protects, with no regard for their partners.
    Both boys and girls have the right to be left intact, like Mother Nature intended!
    Jorg Aadahl

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:29 am on March 30, 2014 Permalink  

    Intellectually challenged? (1/20/2011) 

    Republican representative Michele Bachmann on the House Intelligence Committee? Is this a sick joke, a play into the hands of any remaining foreign enemies or an expectation of some intelligence to rub off? Republicans, please continue what you do, and 2012 will be a Democratic landslide across the board. That’s the best hope for our great nation.

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:12 am on March 30, 2014 Permalink  

    Developing story 

    Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist started out as a Republican, then turned Independent, and finally progressed to become a solid Democrat.
    And still, there are Republicans who don’t believe in evolution!?

  • Jorg Aadahl 9:40 am on March 22, 2014 Permalink  

    Global warming deniers 

    While rejecting overwhelming scientific evidence, it is funny how the global warming deniers often are the most devoted believers in stories made up thousands of years ago, without a shred of evidence, and against all logic.
    Take the so-called “Great Flood”. How about asking some logical questions, like where did all the water come from, and where did it go afterward?
    Ran off the edge of the flat Earth, perhaps?

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