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  • Jorg Aadahl 11:58 am on July 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump’s inexplicable support 

    Up against compact Republican obstruction, President Obama spent 8 years repairing the damage George W. Bush’s administration had caused, only to find Donald Trump dead set on destroying everything he was lucky enough to inherit, no matter the cost or the consequences.
    Trumpy’s habitual lying overshadows anything he says that may be worth listening to.
    He engages in unpresidential Twitter fights with popular TV-hosts who had the audacity to express their opinion about fake Time Magazine cover self-admiring Trump had posted all over his country clubs.
    Although dwarfed compared to President Obama’s international approval rating of over 60%, Trump’s 22% is hard to understand.
    Who are these people who still “approve” of him, despite his despicable behavior and destructive policies?
    Are these people only happy to see us slide into the ditch? Again?

  • Jorg Aadahl 10:38 am on June 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump’s macabre massacre claim 

    As expected, Republican presidential presumptuous nominee Donald Trump wasted no time in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre before trying to score political points, claiming he was “right”.
    Right about what?
    Right about making assault weapons illegal? Right about calling for more thorough background checks to make it harder to obtain weapons for those not responsible enough? Right about equal rights regardless of gender, religious background, ethnicity or sexual orientation?
    No, Trumpy, you were dead wrong on all accounts, and more!
    Your opponent, Democratic presidential pre-eminent nominee Hillary Clinton, was right on all accounts, and more!

  • Jorg Aadahl 1:36 pm on June 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    A scarecrow named Trump 

    In her San Mateo Daily Journal column “Filling a vacuum” on May 25, Dorothy Dimitre really nailed Republican presumptuous nominee Donald Trump. She nailed him, not to a cross, but more appropriately as a scarecrow to a stake. That character is scary, crowing about himself and his wealth, with our nation’s future and world peace at stake if he, heaven forbid, should attract a large enough equally empty flock to be elected.

  • Jorg Aadahl 2:44 pm on February 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Super bowl let-down! 

    Like so many last Sunday, I enjoyed watching the football game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, thinking all along that a fair, sporty game was being played in front of so many, having paid so much, to watch in natura.
    But, what a letdown to hear Payton Manning at the end admitting that the game was rigged! He pointed upwards and thanked “the man up high” for the victory! At least he was honest enough to thank the one he credited with arranging the win!
    Which raises the question: how incredibly dumb do you have to be to believe that there is a “god” somewhere who gives a shit about a lousy football game, – and so unsportsmanlike that he (or she?) rigs games to prevent the best side from winning? And why on flat Earth would this “god” make his team win? Because they prayed harder, or what? And, how would a “god” go about doing that? Holding back the other team, making them fall all over each other, or dropping the ball?
    I think the obviously intellectually challenged Payton Manning should be happy that his “god” is nothing but a fantasy figure, just as made-up as any one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of “gods” cooked up by mankind through the ages. If “God” were real, he (or she?) would be raving mad for being accused of rigging football games, – as if there weren’t enough other more important things in the world deserving divine intervention!

  • Jorg Aadahl 8:56 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    “Sarah, – you’re FIRED!” 

    Sarah Palin was both literally and visibly all fired up when she endorsed Republican presidential hopeless Donald Trump the other day.
    After that performance, we can sit back and wait for Trump’s favorite statement: “You’re fired”!

    A new edition of my e-book “Dear Editor, a common man’s (not so common) opinion” has just been published and is available for download from Smashwords:

  • Jorg Aadahl 2:25 pm on January 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    A wasted opportunity 

    Naturally, Republicans anticipated and were looking forward to an extended imprisonment for the ten American sailors caught and held by Iran after they somehow drifted into Iranian waters.
    No wonder they became upset when the sailors were all released early the next day, unharmed and well fed, – possibly as a result of the recent negotiations and a more civilized relationship worked out between our two nations.
    What a shame to having wasted such a splendid opportunity to stir up things over there and secure a more serious Mid-East unrest!
    Of course, the Republicans are upset, – and not only because the outcome was just as President Obama predicted, and so wisely avoided mentioning in his State of the Union address. This could mean a slippery slope again. Who knows what comes next, – cooperation towards more lasting peace, working together to combat climate change, heaven forbid, – or worse?

  • Jorg Aadahl 7:12 pm on July 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    New edition of “Dear Editor” released as e-book 

    This new edition has been updated with opinion letters on the latest in the political arena, both published and unpublished stuff, available for download through Smashwords:
    Dear Editor: A common man’s (not so common) opinion.
    Included are new letters in a number of chapters, all available for republishing “as is” or modified as you may deem worthy of your own signature. You will find new entries on Gun Control and lack thereof, Congressional stupidity of biblical proportion, Religious freedom, morality and Atheism, LGBT rights, Cuba and the slippery slope towards an enemy shortage, Republican bombing and bungling, a new Gallery of Repubs, More on Islam, Climate change and Ridiculous lottery scams promoted exclusively through right-wing web sites.
    Also included are reactions from readers, from the irate and irrational, to the inspired and insightful, – hopefully shining some light on the troubles we are dealing with in today’s social arena, – a far cry from what it could be. And should be.
    Perhaps something in this book would inspire you to make a contribution, either in conversation with friends and acquaintances, or by publishing your own letters. Remember, that touching a nerve in someone of opposite position, may be just as productive as inspiring further someone who already agrees with you. Just use the e-book to see the range of responses I have been blessed with, – and what you may enjoy or endure if you put your own opinion out there for all to peruse. You may be surprised and thrilled by the feedback, – or shocked by the raw nerves you may have touched. In either case, – power to you!
    Then again, – even for the most hard-core opponent of your opinion, – you may have planted a seed for some future growth into greater enlightenment. Be bold, express your opinion, – and sit back ready to enjoy the reaction!

    Or, perhaps gift the e-book to someone who needs a more progressive outlook on life, – and society?

  • Jorg Aadahl 12:01 pm on June 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    E-book sale: “Dear Editor” discounted 

    For the remainder of June, the E-book “Dear Editor – A common man’s (not so common) opinion” has been discounted to $2.99.
    For downloading, go to:

  • Jorg Aadahl 3:37 pm on June 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Rick Perry confused, – again! 

    Repeat Republican presidential hopeless Rick Perry keeps getting confused. Some may have believed he had reached his confusional peak when he couldn’t remember the name of all three governmental entities he wanted to get rid of if he, heaven forbid, should slip into the White House.
    After a recent flight, he complained that there are stricter ID requirements for boarding an airplane, than for voting. Not too surprising that the former Texas governor doesn’t seem to have grasped that important difference. A single person can take down a whole airplane, but a single voter can’t take down a whole party.
    Only someone like Rick Perry can do that.

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