There should be no doubt that those Islam-inspired terrorists who commit suicide and take as many other people as possible with them, have been fooled to believe that sultry virgins are waiting as reward on the “other side”. That is clearly stated in the Quran, and must be quite a temptation for young guys raised in a backwards society with very strict rules against just about everything considered normal in more modern, progressive nations. For us non-Islamic westerners, such belief is obviously pure nonsense.
Perhaps, over time, it might help to promote the truth, that not only aren’t there any virgins waiting, – not even slightly used young maidens, but that there simply is no heaven or afterlife to look forward to for mass murderers?

That’s certainly a truth that without any religious opposition can be promoted in more secular cultures, especially the Scandinavian countries. But would that be possible here in the US, where religion is still so widely spread and prominent, and where religious belief so heavily rests upon the myth that there is an afterlife, with either a heaven or a hell waiting after judgment, – all made up, of course?