Dangerous GOP rhetoric

It’s disturbing to see how the right-wing media, as well as low-information, intellectually challenged individuals, paint a frightening picture of our duly elected President Barack Obama. There is no end to the name calling, the lies, the innuendos, the made-up horror stories and the claims that he is everything from Hitler, Satan, Communist, and to thief and even “Antichrist” — whatever that means. He is being accused of destroying jobs, the economy, the country, killing Grandma and being a Muslim with a secret plan to turn the world over to Sharia law.
Never mind that President Obama was elected fair and square, with a comfortable margin, twice — despite the election roadblocks and Republican efforts to deny people their constitutional right to vote. Never mind what Obama has been able to accomplish despite compact opposition from an unpatriotic and insanely short-sighted Republican opposition. Never mind that he has been able to repair much of the damage done by his unqualified predecessor, including restoring some of our reputation with the rest of the world.
And disregarding the grotesque disrespect for the office of the U.S. presidency, don’t these Obama haters realize that there are plenty of lunatics out there, with legally as well as illegally obtained firearms, ready to take a shot at the president, if given a chance, to get rid of what they have been fooled to believe is our “enemy No. 1?”
Or perhaps they do?

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