Flat earth climate deniers

Senator Marco Rubio said in an interview that he didn’t believe scientists are right in stating that human activity is dramatically affecting climate change.
He is not the only member of this new flat earth denial society; membership is prevalent among Republicans, – even among those misplaced on congressional science committees.
Do these science challenged souls also deny math solutions to math problems they don’t understand? Did they object to the math teacher’s solutions in high school, – just because it was different from their own feeble attempt at working out a problem?
Do they deny the existence of foreign languages, too, because they don’t understand any of them?
Do they understand quantum physics? Probably not, just deny it all.
Do they deny the proven existence of million-year old fossils, because they’d rather believe the creationism hoax?
But impossible stories cooked up thousands of years ago? Not a doubt! Gobble it all up!