Republicans are so desperately afraid that Obamacare will be the third socio-economic pillar created by Democrats, that they now try to scare the young with misleading Koch-brother backed commercials, – of the most disgusting kind.
The message is loud and clear: Don’t get health insurance! Wow! And this is from the party that prides itself of being law abiding, patriotic, moral Christians, while preaching personal responsibility?
Why not encourage the young to drive around without auto insurance as well? What’s the difference?
Obamacare is a sound step towards a single-payer system, under governmental administration, and with a costly insurance industry that limits health care faced out.
Socialism? So what? National defense, law enforcement, the judicial system, local and federal administration, and many, many other services that meet common societal needs already are, and should never be privatized and subjected to profiteering that only benefit the few, at the expense of the many.