Guest post: “Great Fear in America” by Guy Guerrero

According to economists, there is no reason for the diving Stock Market. The economy is doing just fine. But I do remember what FDR said when he was coaxing the country out of the Great Depression: “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”.
There is Great Fear in America today. We have a deranged would-be dictator at the helm of the statecraft.
Trumputin is attempting to strangle free speech. He is attacking his own law enforcement agencies. He disregards warnings against American interests by our intelligence community. He disregards sanctions that had been imposed by the Obama administration on Russia, in spite of the fact that the sanctions had been sustained by an overwhelming vote in Congress.
And lately, he has released classified information – pertaining to the Mueller Investigation of himself – in the one-sided version of Republican Memo, while obstinately refusing to authorize the release of the contrary Democratic Memo.
Not to mention that this deranged would-be dictator wants a Military Parade in imitation of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and other notorious dictators of the past like Hitler.
Yes, there is Great Fear in America today.