Guns, Tears and Republicans – commentary

Please refer to the article “Guns, Tears and Republicans” under ARTICLE-LINKS – Common sense vs. Republicans. Here is another commentary, this one by Socrates, a trusted commenter from Downtown Verona:
Reason, evidence and logic has never been the strong suit of a large swath of the American public.
Religion holds large sway in this country, unlike all other rich countries, which helps explain how other countries reached the very logical conclusion along time ago that guns kill people while many Americans still think that’s simply not true.

Guns in fact are a type of religion in America with tens of millions blindly worshipping the medieval-like 1791 wording of the 2nd Amendment exactly the same way fundamentalist Christians worship the Bible’s words, fundamentalist Muslims chant Koranic verses and Hasidic Jews recite and sing their favorite passages from the Torah.

America’s gun religion – like any medieval religion – is predicated on fear of death, paranoia, live-saving delusions, fantasy scenarios, end-time scenarios, groupthink and a blind, unshakable faith in the God of Guns who will always solve every problem.

Never mind the dead children, slaughtered innocents and preventable deaths by adopting basic gun safety measures; the God of Guns is pure and he works in beautiful, mysterious ways.

The God of Guns is great !

Welcome to America’s gun jihadists, coming to a theater near you…to kill more Americans thanks to the freedom of gun religion.

Let us pray to our guns.