Guns, Tears and Republicans

Under ARTICLE-LINKS you will find a very readable, enlightening and timely article “Guns, Tears and Republicans” from NY Times.
Here is just one of hundreds of reader comments, referring to President Obama’s emotional talk on the need for improved gun control on January 5, 2016:

Pat New York City
To me, the telling line from President Obama was that every time he thinks about the Newtown kids, “it gets [him] mad.” Indeed, this was when his tears fell in earnest. Mad. Mad? Publicly acknowledging that anger, showing emotion, nearly breaking down? This from a man who, as one of the best public speaking politicians in recent memory, is not a fire-brand, not overly impassioned, and actually quite reserved. From a man who has endured, at minimum, 7 years of hateful, racist, xenophobic insults from unbalanced news channels and ignorant Americans alike, who has certifiably received more death threats than any President in history, who expresses his frustration with a Congress more focused on repealing legislation that actually helps millions of Americans (and which derisive moniker, “Obamacare”, he now accepts) than, say, ensuring our veterans are properly cared for, but who, in the face of such frustration, still “holds it together.” Amazing. Not calculated, not scripted, not “losing it.”

So mad, so frustrated, so truly sorry that he could do nothing to protect those children in the face of nonsensical arguments that any limitations on gun purchases are complete abridgments of Second Amendment rights (what is a “well regulated militia” anyhow?) . . . that he cried. I have seen men moved to tears over far, far less.

As he stated, if we can save a single additional massacre by even a modicum of restraint, it must be done.
To fail do so should make us all cry.