As absorbed as Republicans are with religion, and with their professed conviction that an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient God is in control of everything and responsible for all that happens, isn’t it somewhat puzzling that they don’t see Justice Antonin Scalia’s death as God’s will?
Who knows, perhaps it was God’s will to turn the Supreme Court away from its conservative course and back to serving people and the nation as a whole? Perhaps even He has had enough of the court playing favorites for those already well off, letting the wealthy buy politicians and swing elections their selfish way? Maybe even God has become concerned about the future of Mother Earth, without better birth control and more effective climate control? Or, could it simply be that He was afraid that a too conservative Supreme Court once again might sneak another unelected war monger into the White House, from where new wars might be launched, putting all mankind in jeopardy?
Or, will Republicans go all the way and lose both faith and face?