What better way to honor a strict constitutionalist like the late Justice Antonin Scalia, than sticking to the US Constitution, Article II, Section 2, and letting the sitting President do his job and appoint a new judge to the Supreme Court.
That part of the Constitution ought to be something that the Republican Congress could support.

Or, is it more important for Congressional Republicans to block President Obama from doing his job, than honoring Justice Scalia, – a Supreme Justice who has done so much to help Republicans in their ongoing effort to destroy Obama’s presidency and hold back the country? Will they forget that Scalia was instrumental in getting George W. Bush into the White House? Wouldn’t they remember who made it harder for non-Republicans to vote, and thus easier for the Republicans to hang on to their jobs?
Would they even forget who helped ram through Citizens United, – which has protected so many Republicans against the general will of the people?
Time will show whether it is more important to take down Obama, than to honor one of their own, one who has been so helpful preventing the progress Republicans don’t want. Especially not under a president like Obama!