Illegal use of “legal” weapons

The weapons used in the Santa Barbara massacre were legally purchased, we read (“Suspect in shooting rampage blamed aloof women”, SM Daily Journal, 5/26/2014).
So what? Is that supposed to mitigate the insanity of the Santa Barbara rampage?
If anything, it makes the tragedy worse! It is a false illusion that legally purchased murder weapons are OK. If they are used to harm anyone except in self defense, or used by someone other than the legal owner, it demonstrates that the sale of those weapons was a mistake. If a so-called legal owner misuses his weapons, it demonstrates that it was too easy for him or her to obtain a permit.
If a legal owner cannot keep his weapons safe and out of the hands of others, the permit should be revoked and all weapons confiscated for life. No ifs or buts about it! The rights of people to live unharmed should trump the trumped up “rights” of gun owners, whose obsession with weapons at times borders on the absurd.
Stopping the NRA-blessed gun insanity is long overdue. About time to take our lives back, before more are lost! Enough is enough!