Muslims all over the world have been quick to denounce the latest, vicious waves of terrorism, claiming that it is an attempt to hijack the religion of Islam and saddle peaceful Muslims with defending a religion whose very name is rooted in peace.

There is no doubt that by far the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, decent and contributing members of their various societies, and that Islam-inspired atrocities reflect badly and unfairly on them. However, to the extent that Islam is based on The Quran, even peaceful Muslims must admit that their “holy” book does not exactly advocate love and peace. Quite the opposite, The Quran makes it clear that it is a Muslims duty to kill any so-called “infidel”, including Muslim apostates, if he has a chance to do so. The Quran is rather specific on that point, advocating hate instead of love, and death and mayhem instead of peace. In other words, the atrocities we have witnessed, both recently and over many, many years in the past, are directly in line with the expressed spirit of the Quran.

That means that the jihadist terrorists have not “hijacked” the religion of Islam, they have followed that religion to the letter. Fortunately, most Muslims do not follow their religion, and some have even turned Atheist, like famed author Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Unfortunately, too many take the word of The Quran literally, as we have seen, and obviously wooed by the Quran’s promise of virgins in heaven for mass murderers of innocent fellow human beings. Some religion in that sense, and very tempting for those weak of mind and morality, and easily persuaded by an outdated religion based on a book made up by superstitious desert people hundreds of years ago, partly to counter Christianity, and for some very good reasons.

Since Islam obviously was cooked up to counter Christianity, it is about time to reveal the truth, that it was all a hoax, – just like any other religion! Completely made up. There is no heaven, there is no after-life, – and certainly no tempting virgins waiting to entertain mass murderers of innocent people, – regardless how much they’ve been fooled into considering themselves martyrs! Once that silly dream is taken out of the minds of disturbed, sex-hungry Muslims, – perhaps some of the incentive for killing others left and right, including many of their own, is eliminated. It may be worth trying, – and who knows, perhaps we can move towards a friendlier, safer world for all by not promising religious rewards for inhuman behavior. It might work, – eventually.