McCarthy’s blunder!

The Republican congressional members are very forgiving of Speaker wannabe Kevin McCarthy, as they usually are with their fellow party faithful. They have never held his lack of political experience against him, nor has he been criticized for his promiscuous use of the English language and a grammar that would have flunked him out of at least the better American high schools. His lack of respect for science, his denial of climate change and compact opposition to Obamacare puts him squarely among the most respected, – among fellow Republicans.
Not much here to make him stand out unfavorably among average GOP politicians, and when it comes to resisting anything President Obama has worked on to move the country forward, McCarthy has been among the best and the most unpatriotic.
However, when he disclosed that the whole Benghazi investigation’s sole purpose was to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects, it wasn’t necessarily that he was dumb enough to disclose that well kept, obvious secret, but that he was honest enough to spill the embarrassing beans!
How dumb do you really have to be to disclose a truth like that!?