New edition of “Dear Editor” released as e-book

This new edition has been updated with opinion letters on the latest in the political arena, both published and unpublished stuff, available for download through Smashwords:
Dear Editor: A common man’s (not so common) opinion.
Included are new letters in a number of chapters, all available for republishing “as is” or modified as you may deem worthy of your own signature. You will find new entries on Gun Control and lack thereof, Congressional stupidity of biblical proportion, Religious freedom, morality and Atheism, LGBT rights, Cuba and the slippery slope towards an enemy shortage, Republican bombing and bungling, a new Gallery of Repubs, More on Islam, Climate change and Ridiculous lottery scams promoted exclusively through right-wing web sites.
Also included are reactions from readers, from the irate and irrational, to the inspired and insightful, – hopefully shining some light on the troubles we are dealing with in today’s social arena, – a far cry from what it could be. And should be.
Perhaps something in this book would inspire you to make a contribution, either in conversation with friends and acquaintances, or by publishing your own letters. Remember, that touching a nerve in someone of opposite position, may be just as productive as inspiring further someone who already agrees with you. Just use the e-book to see the range of responses I have been blessed with, – and what you may enjoy or endure if you put your own opinion out there for all to peruse. You may be surprised and thrilled by the feedback, – or shocked by the raw nerves you may have touched. In either case, – power to you!
Then again, – even for the most hard-core opponent of your opinion, – you may have planted a seed for some future growth into greater enlightenment. Be bold, express your opinion, – and sit back ready to enjoy the reaction!

Or, perhaps gift the e-book to someone who needs a more progressive outlook on life, – and society?