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THE PROOF IS IN THE PARTY (LTE, The San Mateo Daily Journal, 11/8/2014)
The news Wednesday morning was full of self-congratulations for the winning party and I want to add my encouragement to their declaration to “get things moving.” I write to remind the general public that a number of things have moved in the past six years. To name a few:
1) The market has been brought to record highs in 63 months of economic expansion;
2) Employment is up (the unemployment percentage went from 10.2 to 5.9);
3) The deficit is down by two-thirds;
4) A major depression was averted;
5) A health plan was put in place that is helping millions reduce health costs;
6) Two women have been placed on the Supreme Court;
7) Bin Laden is dead (even though GW had no more time to think about him);
8) Gas prices are way down.
So now, all you winners have to do is promise not to shut down the government, not to take a two-month vacation to cancel votes when your help is needed, and to say “yes” to further growth and good times.
June Lamb
San Mateo


Your vote can make the difference!
It’s as simple as that!
In order to save our country from further destruction and decline, democratic voters must come out and vote this Nov. 4!

Haven’t we seen enough of what Republicans are capable of, if given the power to wreck the country for the short-term benefit of the few already very well off? Even the infamous top 1% will suffer in the longer run if the country goes down the drain under a Republican Congress!
Republican leadership really meant it when they conspired on President Obama’s inauguration day Jan. 20, 2009, to do everything in their power to take him down, sabotage all he might try to do, even block programs and ideas they themselves had supported before. Imagine that! They have shut down the Government, tried to repeal the Affordable Health Care over 50 times (!), resisted every effort at creating jobs, and shown in so many ways they are ready and willing to destroy the economy and run the country off the deep end, just to destroy Obama, – the only duly elected US president since 1996! They don’t even shy away from suing our president, – for doing his job while they do nothing to benefit the country! Who in their right mind would vote for unpatriotic politicians like that?
They’re tossing common sense out the window and playing politics with our country. Boehner is wasting OUR money suing the president! The Tea Party – led by non other than Sarah Palin – is calling for Obama’s impeachment! The hatred for our president knows no boundaries. And that’s supposed to be an America setting an example for the rest of the world?
Imagine what Republicans can do if given more congressional power in the mid-term election November 4. A scary thought, indeed! Diving blindly into new, unnecessary, ill conceived wars is only the beginning. Destroying social safety nets comes next, ending 80 years of progress for the common good. The consequences are unimaginable!
Imagine what can be done without Republican opposition! Just look what President Obama has been able to do, despite compact obstruction! There’s so much more we could do if Obama had a Democratic majority for support. The money-driven take-over of what should be a democratic process according to the US Constitution, must be stopped!
Republicans’ so-called “family values” have been exposed as trickery, lying and misrepresentation, voter restriction and catering to special interests instead of the common, social good. Dark-money groups with little to no transparency are now running massive, untruthful attack ads against all Democrats running for Congress, blasting our candidates with savage smear jobs. That’s not American “family values”. That’s the too familiar Republican “values”!
Their attack ads are based on made-up stories, paid for by special interest groups with short-term benefits for themselves and at the decrement of all others. Their lies about democratic candidates are only topped by their baseless bragging about their own trumped-up phantom accomplishments.
The Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell admitted that if his party takes control of the Senate this November, they will spend two years using tricks and political games to undermine President Obama’s power and grinding the government’s work to a halt. The New York Times reports McConnell was caught on tape at a lavish Koch Brother retreat, vowing to implement the Kochs’ radical wishes if he wins. He even said, “I don’t know where we’d be” without the Koch brothers! We know that Citizens United has threatened our democracy by opening the floodgates to unlimited, unaccountable spending by the wealthiest corporations and individuals in our elections — and we must take every opportunity to fight it.
If you thought last year’s government shutdown was reckless, or if you found the Republican lawsuit against the President disgraceful, just imagine what Washington will look like with a Congress fully controlled by the Republicans! They keep shouting “Take back America!” From whom? From legal, Democratic voters? We need more Democrats in the House to stop this crazy talk once and for all.
The only message Republicans ever listen to is the one they get at the ballot box. So that’s where we have to hit them. Hard!
So, what’s the solution, and what can we do to prevent the certain disaster we have coming if they take over the Senate, too? We must get out and vote Democratic like never before! We must work at the grass root level and get the voters out! Spread the word through local newspapers all over the nation.
What we need is a grass roots movement of letters to newspaper editors (LTE’s) across the country.
Take whatever you like or see fit, either from this blog, or from the more comprehensive collection of published and unpublished letters in my e-book “Dear Editor – a common man’s (not so common) opinion”, found at

Lift, copy, plagiarize, modify, embellish upon or change whatever you find in this collection, and make it your own personal, patriotic message to your local papers for publication. For some potential voters, all they need is the truth for a change, – both about Democrats and, not the least, – Republicans! For the latter – the awful truth!
Our immediate future is at stake, – so vote to save it!

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