No getting over Trump!

Hardcore Trump supporters shamelessly call for “out-of-touch liberals and dimwits” to get over Trump. They have a hard time grasping that the steadily growing progressive majority is not primarily upset because Trump won, albeit barely compared to his predecessor’s landslide. What concerned, caring Americans can’t, and shouldn’t, “get over”, is the shame Donald Trump has brought over the office of the US Presidency. What President Obama left for Trump to continue to build on, he has done his best to destroy, while unabashedly taking credit for the economy doing well, a trend mainly thanks to the work done by the Obama administration. The respect and support from the world at large that we enjoyed after Obama had rebuilt the standing left by his Republican predecessor, are in shambles, and getting worse whenever Trump opens his mouth. The competence, dignity and level-headedness so characteristic of President Obama, have been replaced by an incompetent administrator and science-deniar, a childish, thin-skinned name-caller, a sexual assaulter and womanizer, a laughingstock around the world and an embarrassment here at home. What a contrast!
That’s what the more educated progressives can’t “get over”. No one who loves this country and wants the best for it, should! However, the shrinking crowd of Trump supporters should try to get over President Obama and the fact that he won both the popular and Electoral votes, with comfortable margins, while the Republican presidents before and after barely made it, and only thanks to the outdated Electoral College. Stop bashing Obama and instead begin holding Trump accountable! It will take a long time to get over Trump, even if he gets booted out of the office he has proven ill equipped to hold.