Guns, Tears and Republicans – commentary # 3

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AnneLiese Busch Florida
I used to identify as a Republican. I used to try and overlook all of the nonsense spewed by Republicans, and allow the less crazy viewpoints to overrule what I knew to be blatantly wrong, and oftentimes ridiculous. I think the turning point for me, like many, was Sandy Hook. I was living in Peru at the time, and remember thinking, “this has got to be it, surely we’ve had enough, this is the turning point, surely new gun control measures will be passed.” And nothing happened, not one thing changed. And I watched in horror as those in my own perceived party, the Republicans, asserted that clearly the problem was that not enough people were armed, that had the teachers been armed, they could have saved lives. That’s when I knew I was not a Republican. From that day forward, I felt more and more drawn to Obama, a man who spoke with patience and dignity over the chorus of idiots who comprise the congress, and the Republican Party. Statistics, facts, and reality don’t seem to matter to many Republicans, and I can’t think of anything more dangerous. So thank you President Obama, thank you for taking a stand, and thank you for allowing me to open my eyes to the reality of the party I once thought represented me.