In the aftermath of this last mid-term election, much reference has been given to the “voice of the voters”. But did the voters really speak, when 2/3 didn’t vote, while the 1/3 that did were mostly older and more conservative people, a pattern in line with previous mid-terms?
I’m not sure that the missing millions necessarily were sending a message. If any at all, it could be anything from for or against what President Obama has done, or not done, to disgust or approval of the Congressional Republicans’ conspiracy to obstruct from day 1.
Perhaps even more important, how did money, voter suppression and religion affect the turnout, and the actual voting, – from the gubernatorial level to House representatives and Senators?
Have money and the heavily funded smear campaigns taken over? Has it come to a point where more attention is being paid to what a candidate claims about the opposition, and less to what each candidate really stands for and have already done, including what is even realistically possible to get done?
Promises are one thing, political reality something else.
And why did the young and so many minorities stay away? Fed up with politics as usual, or discouraged
by all the new ID requirements and even more limited access to places where they could vote?
These are important questions and essential to address for the future of our country, – and the rest of the
world for that matter. If we can’t fix these problems, we may end up with even worse cases than putting
a climate change denier and science non-believer like Republican Jim Inhofe in charge of the Committee for Environment and Public Works.

The claim has been made, that there has been a complete lack of trust between President Obama and Republican leaders. How can that be?
Both in the House and Senate, Republican leaders have been true to their word from day 1, that they would obstruct everything and anything from Obama’s side. They stuck religiously, to their promise and didn’t even yield for any effort on Obama’s part to create more jobs, protect the environment, improve the economic conditions for middle class and the poor, or any other attempt at changing the conditions worked out by his predecessor, George W. Bush.
So, while the Republicans have shown they could be trusted to stick faithfully to their guns (no pun intended), could the Republicans trust Obama? No, that’s a different story! Despite being awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, six years later there is still not ever-lasting peace in the world, – not to mention the persistent turmoil in the rest of the Universe. And, get this, despite the Obamacare he forced upon uninsured people, despite Republican opposition, Ebola is roaming around, – in Africa, of all places, identified as Obama’s birth place by usually wrong rigth-wingers.
So, who is trustworthy, – or not?

During this last election, it was revealed that President Obama had met with Senate
minority leader Mitch McConnell at least once, perhaps as much as twice, during his
Why, Mr. President?
Why-oh-why would you waste SO much of your precious time on someone who on the
day you were inaugurated, conspired with other Republican leaders to obstruct absolutely
everything you ever tried to do as the newly elected president of the US?

Gas prices are down, unemployment is down, deficits are cut, stock market at record high, job growth consistent, economy improving, corporate profits at record highs, Ebola not spreading …
Yeah, time to get rid of Obama!