Premonition Republican style

The claim now is that Republican leadership knew what the newly elected President Obama was up to, and that’s why they already on day one conspired to obstruct everything he would ever set out to do.
So, they must have known back then that he would create millions of jobs, cut the deficit, rescue the auto industry and the economy, get the stock market up to record highs and the jobless rate down more and faster than even Romney had “promised”, besides getting bin Laden and improving health care to cover millions more, – not to mention getting us out of, instead of into, wars.
And, heaven forbid, – outlaw torture, a Republican favorite!

Of course, that would be really embarrassing on background of George W. Bush’ eight years of tanking the economy, letting preventable 9/11 happen, starting a couple of unnecessary wars that we lost, losing millions of jobs and wasting the surplus left by President Clinton on tax cuts for the already rich.

Such a glaring and historic contrast would indeed be very embarrassing for the Republicans, so it had to be prevented at all cost, regardless of the consequences. Quite logical, actually.