R and D contrast

Instead of calling the FBI when offered Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr. responded, “I love it” and set up a meeting for himself, Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort to meet with a person described as a “Russian government attorney.” In other words, informed of a secret Kremlin effort to use highly sensitive, probably stolen information about a former U.S. Secretary of state to manipulate an American election, Trump Jr. signaled, “We’re in!”

Contrast that to what happened in 1960, when the Kremlin made a similar offer to support the candidacy of John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon, which the Kennedy campaign rebuffed. Likewise, when the Al Gore campaign in 2000 received confidential materials relating to the Bush campaign, they called the FBI.

Is this contrast a sign of different moral codes between the two parties — lack of patriotism, lack of respect for our democratic values — or simply self-serving at any cost on the part of the Republicans?