Repeal for whom? (1/20/2011)

Despite the fact that general support for repeal of the health care bill has dropped to 18%, with more than 60% in favor or even for going further, Republican representatives keep referring to “the will of the people”. Those must be the people who paid off members of Congress to fight against health care for all, namely the insurance industry. It is understandable that insurance employees are concerned about their well paid jobs, while the executives want to keep lucrative deals and obscene bonuses. But, in order to preserve their privileges, they bribe our politicians, and nothing is done to prevent such corruption!

Is the nation at large served by an added cost burden that does nothing to provide health care, while so many are denied the coverage they need? It not only makes no sense to reward insurance executives for denying or limiting health care, it is the epitome of immorality!

We are the only industrialized country without universal health care for all, we pay more for less coverage, and we let a self-serving insurance industry lobby to control a Congress that according to the Constitution was meant to serve all, not only the privileged.

There is no question that a lot of money can be saved by going public, while the nation’s overall health, and the economy, will be improved with universal coverage.