Republican hot heads

Nothing new that the Republicans don’t shy away from anything in order to take President Obama down. They have shown that they would wreck the economy, block all attempts at job creation, deny
people health care and gladly take the country over the deep end in order to destroy Obama. However, former NY mayor and staunch Republican politician Rudy Giuliani has set a new low for patriotism by holding up Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a role model for our president, – someone who doesn’t fool around, one who makes snap decisions and executes them without hesitation. Obama, on the other hand, according to Giuliani, has to think about what he does, has to consult with others, and is reluctant to act instantaneously, like Putin. So much for someone that other right-wingers and Republican talking heads have called a dictator who makes snap decisions on his own!
With Rudy Giuliani or some other hot head like him as Commander-in-Chief, we would have been well under way to World War III by now, or even way past it. There is a life-or-death difference between presidents that keep getting us into wars, and leaders that get us out of them and prevent us from getting into new ones.