Soccer a religion?

It has been said, that for many nations outside the US, soccer is almost a religion.
That may be so, but there are some subtle differences that set soccer apart from any religion!
First of all, soccer is played per a common rule book, from which you aren’t allowed to deviate. The rules are not subject to your own interpretation, no matter how twisted, no matter how illogical your own opinion. You can’t even use the rule book to judge others or make the life of others miserable! If you do,you don’t play. And you cannot chastise, or kill, those who aren’t interested, or who simply lose interest, in your game!
Even if you lose a game, you are not allowed to kill your prevailing opponents, or anyone threatening your hegemony, imagined or not. There is no higher power you can appeal to, the referee is it. Self-styled supremacy doesn’t count. Nor does it work, – only the actual game does.

Then again, of course someone like Ann Coulter had to come out and declare soccer despicably socialistic!
Why? Because the players work together as a team for a common goal! Yeah, go straight off the Right cliff, girl!