Super bowl let-down!

Like so many last Sunday, I enjoyed watching the football game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, thinking all along that a fair, sporty game was being played in front of so many, having paid so much, to watch in natura.
But, what a letdown to hear Payton Manning at the end admitting that the game was rigged! He pointed upwards and thanked “the man up high” for the victory! At least he was honest enough to thank the one he credited with arranging the win!
Which raises the question: how incredibly dumb do you have to be to believe that there is a “god” somewhere who gives a shit about a lousy football game, – and so unsportsmanlike that he (or she?) rigs games to prevent the best side from winning? And why on flat Earth would this “god” make his team win? Because they prayed harder, or what? And, how would a “god” go about doing that? Holding back the other team, making them fall all over each other, or dropping the ball?
I think the obviously intellectually challenged Payton Manning should be happy that his “god” is nothing but a fantasy figure, just as made-up as any one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of “gods” cooked up by mankind through the ages. If “God” were real, he (or she?) would be raving mad for being accused of rigging football games, – as if there weren’t enough other more important things in the world deserving divine intervention!