Why would anyone be surprised that the senate Republicans stand firm against even considering President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland?
That should be a no-brainer. Why would they support the nomination, and risk losing the high court advantage they have enjoyed for so long? Why would they risk losing the chance to deny so many millions Obamacare and other undeserved benefits only associated with “socialistic” countries?
Why should they risk letting women be in control of their own bodies and other frivolities?
Why risk losing the advantages of unrestricted campaign contributions proven so helpful for their various self-centered causes? Why on flat Earth would they?

Of course, a modern-day miracle would be required to put another Republican into the White House and thus secure the 5-4 conservative lock on the Supreme Court. But, then again, with the Republicans being so in bed with the evangelicals, – faith in miracles is alive and well.