The Bundy exposure

It is rather bizarre how right-wing pundits and talk-show hosts, as well as high-ranking Republican politicians, including presidential hopefuls, rushed to side with the Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, despite being on the wrong side of the law and taking what isn’t his, thus gaining an unfair advantage over honest ranchers who pay for the feed they need.

That even Republican congressmen can support someone who doesn’t recognize the US constitution and our federal government, and who refuses to pay for goods used, is very disturbing. Granted, we cannot assume that someone as dense as Bundy understands that at least national defense, money, and air travel regulation have to be controlled by federal government, but it should be a minimum requirement for even the least educated politicians to recognize the need for the overall government they are elected to honor.

Then, once cowboy Cliven exposed himself as an all-out racist, the scramble was equally frantic to run away from him and disclaim any support whatsoever. What? They didn’t see that one coming? What a surprise that a right-wing, tax avoiding, anti-constitution, gun-slinging low-brow turned out to also be a racist!

Not only did Cliven Bundy expose himself, – he also managed to hang out the anti-government side of certain Republican politicians. For that we should be grateful. Hopefully, enough voters have paid attention.