The Republican party cheats!

This is how the GOP thinks they’ll win the election: By suppressing the vote. It’s an utter OUTRAGE!! They’ve passed what the New York Times called the “nation’s most extensive effort at voter suppression” in North Carolina. They’re trying to keep tens of thousands of newly registered voters off the rolls in Georgia. They’ve cut off early voting in Ohio. The list goes on and on!
And all for one purpose: To win the election. They don’t care about basic democratic fairness, or about the appalling legacy of voter suppression, or the US Constitution. It’s absolutely SHAMEFUL.
According to the New York Times, Republicans “are sowing confusion and changing voting procedures… [in] states that could help determine control of the Senate.” For example, in Georgia, the Washington Post reports that “mass voter confusion looms as Election Day nears.” Tens of thousands of voters might arrive at the polls only to find that their registration forms were never processed! And those votes could make the difference in this election.
Stuck in the past, and lacking any progressive ideas or policies that may bring the nation forward, are not acceptable excuses to justify their dishonesty, cheating and outright lies. The question remains, though: who votes for unpatriotic obstructionists like that? How low on info and intellectually challenged do you have to be to fall for the Republican rhetoric and empty promises? Didn’t George W. Bush do enough damage Republican style? Unfortunately, those who perished during the preventable terror attacks on 9/11, and those who were killed during the succeeding unnecessary wars, can no longer speak their mind, – or vote for better representation than GOP has to offer.