The ‘Republicans’ ‘47%’ curse.

The now infamous ‘47%’, which Presidential hopeless Mitt Romney claimed didn’t pay taxes, sank him as a viable candidate, thank goodness.

Now, 47 Republican senators, or 47% of the US Senate, have demonstrated that Obama-hate trumps patriotism, by sending a letter to Iran intended to torpedo the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations. For the sake of the country, and the world at large, we can only hope that the latest ‘47%’ will sink the Republican party, and not the ongoing talks with Iran.

While Romney’s ‘47%’ was misleading, the Senate ’47’ thoroughly exposed the awful truth, that nothing is beneath them in their zeal to take down our duly elected President Obama. The question remains, though, – is it treason, blatant Republican-type stupidity, or both? Or, perhaps a fear that we may go without another war for a while. Yeah, that would be very un-Republican, catering to the Democratic agenda. Can’t risk that!