The Right was wrong, – again!

It has long been fairly safe to assume that the opposite of what Republicans claim, is true. Now we have even more evidence!
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates released on Friday, since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March 2010, the health care industry has gained 982,000 jobs, while right wing media and congressional Republicans have been claiming all along that Obamacare would be a sure job killer. Not much of a surprise that more people with health care coverage would need additional staffing, or what?

Then again, – if Republicans really believed that ACA would kill jobs, why fight so hard to repeal it, instead of cheering on yet another program they thought would ultimately hurt President Obama? That would be more in line with their well known and persistent effort to prevent him from doing the job he was elected to do.
They wouldn’t be lying, would they, – just trying to kill yet another Democratic success story, exposing their own lack of progressive ideas to shame?