The secret behind Secret Service?

The recently disclosed slip-ups by the Secret Service remind me of this line from “Dallas 1963”: “The political extremism that was rampant during the Kennedy administration and leading up to the assassination of the president …”.
Will we realize in time that the current hate environment against President Obama is just as dangerous, if not worse? He has received three times the threats of any US president.
The all-out right-wing call to take him down at any cost has no doubt riled up lunatic, racist gun-slingers looking for the slightest slip-up by the presidential body guards, just a moment’s inattention, a detail overlooked, – or simply a Secret Service asleep on WH watch.
Since Republican politicians have shown they are willing to go to any length and gladly tank the economy and lead the nation into recession, just to take down Obama, there are enough forces in powerful positions to arrange
for an eager shooter to do the job no one dares to speak about, and then cover it up. It is a frightening prospect, and we would be fools to think it can’t happen. Again.
Remember how easy it was to gun down Democratic presidential nominee Robert Kennedy in 1969?
Will we ever know the truth behind the JFK assassination? Right now we need a thorough explanation of what happened the other day, – no matter how embarrassing it may be for those involved.