Trump faking faith?

Republican presidential hopeless Donald Trump’s sudden religious birth announcement has raised questions from many who are serious about stuff like that. Even The Pope popped some doubt about Trump’s Christianity, as did his competition, – the latter for rather obvious reasons.
Who knows, Trump may not be more deeply religious than any other trotting around with an imaginary halo over the head. Despite the wording “no religious test” in the US Constitution Article VI, the candidates seem to out-pray and out-God each other when it comes to claims of religiosity, especially the Republican aspirants. And, it works! There are enough voters who look more for signs of pious religiosity than skills, experience and honesty, which means that we don’t necessarily elect those who would do the best job for the country. And if you admit to being an Atheist, – forget about being elected to anything much higher than dog catcher, – regardless of your qualifications.
Thus, we forgo the best and the brightest, and end up with the less qualified who may have to lie about their religion or lack thereof in order to even be considered. Or worse, – those, like former President George W. Bush, who naively sought advice from a made-up father figure way up high. Didn’t we see the horrible results of that devotion?! This is clearly not in the best interest of the country, – something the Founding Fathers understood too well. So, why have we slipped backwards, while becoming the laughing stock among the more progressive, secular countries in the modern world?

A bit puzzling, though, that Trump didn’t discover sooner the power of alleged religiosity when trying to fool the less educated and intellectually challenged. However, praising the Bible as even a better and more important book than his own ego scripture, has to be the epitome of modesty from a premier narcissist like Trumpy!