Trump going, going, gone … soon?

A growing mass of newspapers here and abroad, as well as media in general, with comedy shows having a field day, the growing consensus is that Donald Trump is incredibly incompetent, uninformed and outright clueless, a dangerous joke of a president he has shown himself to be. A laughingstock around the world!
Day by day and with every early morning tweet, he is pushing himself closer to impeachment, even criminal persecution. His apparent obstruction of justice, consistent lies and disorderly mind, war with the media, cussing out in a most un-presidential manner everyone crossing his irregular path, and even battling the FBI, raise serious questions. How much more damage will he be permitted to do, before he is taken down, one way or another? And how can we undo the damage done in the opinion of other countries, whose cooperation we need? We have come across as a bunch of raving idiots, who not only were gullible enough to let someone as unqualified and morally corrupt as Trumpy into the most powerful office in the world, but now apparently reluctant to boot him out and start repairing the damage, including a vastly damaged world opinion, – not to mention our own social structure evolved through decades of hard work? There is reason to fear that irreparable damage will be done unless serious action is taken. Soon! And don’t wait for Trump to improve, he has already proven himself completely unfit and unable to engage in self-examination!