Trumped up fantasy

According to an on-line “Conservative scoop”, the following act has just secured Trumps spot as the best president ever! That scoop claims that he is already helping Americans get rich, allegedly “stunning liberals across the country”. Thanks to President Trump, anyone and everybody can finally make enough money to retire rich! Wonderful! Here’s how:
1) Ignore everything the insanely biased left-leaning media are saying about Trump.
2) Follow the Trump retirement roadmap before Dec. 31
3) Watch how it is possible to turn a single $100 bill into $1.5 million fortune in no time.
See, Trump’s policies are about to unleash a wave of wealth not seen since Ronald Reagan: an estimated $11.1 trillion in total, they say.
And, what’s the “Trump retirement roadmap”? Oh, so simple, – just invest in penny stocks and keep reinvesting your winnings, certain under Trump. Simple as that, – and for the math challenged, very convincing.
Do scams like this explain how it was possible for a conman like Donald Trump, without a shred of presidential potential, to fool enough gullible voters to believe in his miracle schemes and help elect the worst president ever? Have we become a nation of fools, endangering the entire nation, and the world at large? Are there enough sane Republicans joining the Democrats to stop him before more irreparable damage is done?

Btw.- this is not the only right-leaning website with outrageous claims, being repeated over and over again, suggesting that there must be an audience out there willing to believe the impossible. Would that be the remaining core of Trump supporters, so gullible, easily fooled and uneducated that they will swallow anything, no matter how ridiculous, – even believing that someone like Donald Trump has a fiber of presidential potential. Because of Trump, our country has become the laughingstock of the world, so incredibly stupid that we would let an incompetent, immature sexual assaulter play dictator, like in the famous Charlie Chaplin movie of the late 30s.