Trumpsky ‘s fear of Mueller investigation

If Donald Trump were squeaky clean and had nothing to hide, he would understand, or his council would advice him, that it would be to his advantage to let the Mueller team run its course and end up finding nothing, declaring him totally innocent of any wrongdoing. In that case, home free and looking good.
However, if he is afraid of what may be revealed and likely destroy his entire presidency, perhaps most of his trumped up life, he would do whatever he could to prevent the investigation from going forward, – as he clearly seems to do now.
On the other hand, if Trump succeeds in stopping the investigation, there will always be a lingering doubt about what it was all about, and what he was so afraid would be exposed.
What would any sensible person do, if he had nothing to hide, – or had?
Quite logical, actually, – not that I would ever associate logic with someone like Donald Trump.