Trumpy Price less

Before he chickened out, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price had been travelling the world on tax payer money, using private jets and even military airplanes, raking up enormous cost.
Caught with his greedy hands in the tax payers’ proverbial cookie jar, he pledged to pay for the trips himself, – for the single seats he used in otherwise unoccupied aircrafts! Nice try, Price!
Aside of the private vs. commercial aircraft issue, why on flat Earth would he need 
to travel so much, as if he hadn’t enough of a job here at home? Was he travelling the world as training for a job he clearly was not qualified for, or was he simply trying to stay away from a job he doesn’t know how to handle, – as so many other Trump-selected cabinet members?
Does Trump deliberately pick unqualified and dishonest people for key jobs, or is he so uniquely unqualified himself that he doesn’t know how to pick and evaluate candidates, – like so many voters last time.