Trumpy, the puppet prez.

With various forms of election trickery, the Russians fooled enough gullible, low-info and uneducated, easily lured voters to get their man Trumpy into the White House. With someone that incompetent and unqualified, so easily controlled by nice words and praise, the Russian government had accomplished what no military maneuvers could have done, – their wholly-owned puppet to head up the US government, someone so afraid of what they have on him and might expose, that they could manipulate him at will. Besides gaining control of the US government, at least until their man is booted out of office, they have also shown how incredibly stupid a huge part of the American population is, so easily duped and fooled, so naïve and impressionable, swallowing anything thrown their way, regardless how ridiculous it may sound to more mature and better educated people.
It has been said, that for a democracy to work, an educated constituency is required. The latest election shows we are far from it, while special asocial interests took advantage of that sorry situation.