What if Melania Trump’s speechwriter, had suggested something along these lines:
“I would like to quote the current first lady, Michelle Obama, who is such a role model in so many ways, and a person I admire so deeply: (… quote …)
If I am fortunate enough to be the next one, I would proudly walk in her shoes and try to fill them the best I can. Like her, I would support my husband and encourage him to build further on all the great work done by his predecessor, President Obama, who lifted our country up from near disaster caused by the previous administration and brought us back to a safer and greater nation. That’s a legacy that we should all be proud of …”

With those words instead, it is quite likely that Donald Trump could have won the presidency.
A scary thought indeed, – so scary that Melania’s speech writer may have thought of it, but steered clear to avoid such a disaster.